ice. ice. ice. and trout

This past weekend we were invited by our good friends, Jordan and Bethany, to accompany them to an Ice Festival a few hours away. We were delighted at the opportunity and headed out bright and early on the subway to catch a bus. We got a little lost, only because none of us had been on the green line and it so happens that its the most confusing line of the entire Seoul subway system. Once that was corrected, we boarded a bus for the next 2 hours bound for the Ice Festival. 

The host town is a tiny little spot that was hardly on the map until it decided to have the Ice Festival. Now its the entire existence of the town. Everything revolves around the festival. We got vouchers when we bought tickets and those could be used anywhere in the town just like cash! :) 

We didn't actually do any Ice fishing but we enjoyed watching others stick their faces 
in the ice to try to catch fish :) 

It's called "food guilt" and this is one of the best examples I have seen yet! 

In case you don't know how to ice fish, there's an academy for it...

There was literally every activity that can even be remotely connected with snow or ice! I have never seen so many options at a festival. It was incredible! 

(Jordan was feeling a tad under the weather and wasn't up for the fast driving 
and circular motions of the all- terrain vehicle~ it was better than a fair ride :) . 

One activity that is generally not connected with snow and ice is trout fishing by hand... none the less, it was an activity offered. Individuals were issued shorts and t-shirts and then instructed to go bare foot into a pool of freezing water and try to catch a fish by hand. They did it in groups of kids first and then adults. These poor kids were shivering before they even got to the water! 

Next it was the adult's turn. Surprisingly enough, there were some miguks (Americans) that participated. It was quite entertaining to watch them and how the Koreans cheered them on :) 

This was the funniest part of all... you would have thought that American girl was Angelina Jolie the way those camera guys buzzed around her! Poor girl stood in the water for 5 minutes posing with that fish until they finally let her get out and then took more pictures of her :) 

This is the first time I have every seen a designated place just for us! :) 

We enjoyed various types of street food, among them was mutton skewers. We also had some fish jerky... see the following picture for my reaction. It wasn't terrible but I don't think I will be ordering it for dinner anytime soon. Hey, at least I tried it!  

There were trout fish everywhere throughout the little town. 
There was also an Ice Sculpture display...

I would say our dresses are a tad revealing... what do you think?

We continued to sample street food... small birds 
(of some sort~ perhaps pigeons, but I'm not sure)

There was a museum of German woodwork (I really have no idea why... random) and we enjoyed looking through that. As you exited there were beautiful Korean figurines. They are a perfect representation of Korean culture and history. 

And then there were more snow sculptures! 

I really have no clue what this sign even meant... served as a great photo op though. 

After spending several hours in the snow and cold, my feet were super cold (the issue that arises when choosing incorrect boots) so we found a great cozy coffee shop to warm up in. 

As we were leaving, all the street lights were on and it was gorgeous. It definitely was a great experience and we enjoyed spending the time with friends! 

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