a snowy day of fun..

I always look forward to our Kindy field trips and this time was no different. I had heard we were going tubing and asked if we were going to a nearby mountain or what. They said no and I was trying to figure out where we were going to go in the middle of Seoul! Sure enough, we boarded a bus and drove for about 20-30 minutes and then pulled in a driveway right in the center of the city! Its a public park that is used for a swimming park and a tubing park in the winter. :) The kids were so excited and the teachers had quite a bit of fun too! :) 

I wore my rain boots thinking that they were be warmer than my suede boots because they would keep my feet from getting wet. I was mistaken. My feet were completely frozen!! Luckily I had a little feet warming time between tubing and riding little fair rides :) 

We had paid for a package that included a full lunch so we all enjoyed the warmth and the food...tubing makes a person quite hungry! 

The park also included a mini trick art museum. There's a larger one near here but I have yet to go to that one. This one isn't quite as good as I've heard the other one is, but it still was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it. 

Rainbow~ Yellow



Up, Up, and Away! 

I love Jason's face! Molly started out looking scared and then she got angry that Jason got in her picture. Hence, the face! :) 

What can I say? I'm a pro :) 

From Molly's perspective...

After the trick art museum it was time to hit the hills again! This time around, the teachers got in on the fun. Andy was so sweet and carried up a tube for me so I could race him down the hill :) 

It truly was a great day and we all had a great time! 


Jamie said...

Great post! I loved all that cool art.

I've noticed the peace sign alot in photos...is that a Korean thing? It seems like they all do it!! :)

Love you!

Mary Ellen said...

Giiiiirl, get yourself some snow boots! They make a HUGE difference in how warm and dry your feet will be. I went tubing a lot in NY when I was a nanny and tried to make do with pretty boots the first few times, then I got a pair of "clunky" snow boots and it made a world of difference. "-)

Mary Ellen