mentor group meets game night

In the English department, there is a wonderful program called the Mentor groups. Basically, the English majors get to choose a professor that they want to be in a group with and together you just hang out and have a good time at least once a week! Fun, right? Oh believe me, these kids are a blast! It's not necessarily an academic time, but it is a nice chance for the students to practice their English in a relaxed and non-threatening environment. 

Usually my group gets together on Fridays for lunch and with four girls, it generally turns into a giggle fest :) I taught them speed scrabble and Dutch Blitz and they loved both of them. We talk about movies, K- Pop bands, our favorite things to do, and a whole range of things... and we laugh (like I said). This past week, Robert and I were scheduled to head up to Seoul on Friday afternoon so it was the perfect week to combine our groups for a fun game night at our house. All but two of the students arrived on time and they came with a story about the other two needing to find a bathroom or something. I thought this was odd but went with it and then a few minutes later the other two showed up carrying house warming gifts (a tradition that I personally love~ I have a year's worth of tissue and laundry soap because of it) from the whole group...sneaky, sneaky :) I made a huge pot of ramen and we had banana bread and cookie snacks to go along with our games. 

RaRa, Erica, Judy, Stella, Esther, Jace, Jackie, Daniel, and Chany 
~Robert and Jennifer's Mentor groups~

My rice cooker banana bread has become a favorite among Robert's students and has since become one of his class prizes for completed homework:) 

A rousing game of scrabble...

These kids are ruthless when they play Jenga! They stack those pieces up so high and precariously, you're lucky if you make it through two rounds! 

A very intellectual game of chess broke out... 

...and a few rounds of fast paced Dutch Blitz were played. 

It was a fantastic evening and I truly believe the kids had a good time! I look forward to our next fun-filled mentor meeting :) Until next time... 

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