English MT~

It's common practice for most universities here in Korea to hold MTs (Membership Training) which is basically a fancy title for "let's go have a great time getting to know each other!". Each department takes a 2 day trip somewhere for a chance to bond with each other. Those of us in the General English department were invited to join the English department's MT and it was such a great opportunity! We had a blast together and I really enjoyed getting to know some of the students better! 

The professors headed out for the MT, dutifully following the GPS... until it lead us to a mountain edge overlooking an abandoned digging sight... 

We finally found the spot... Good thing too because it was a fantastic location. 

We divided into teams and held Mini-Olympic style games--anything that was a lot of fun but didn't require athleticism. The goal was for everyone just to have fun and relax! I would say the goal was definitely achieved!  

My rival coach... which I beat, I might add. :) 

I must say that it is a universal truth... where there are university students, there are copious amounts of junk food! :)

My co-captain, Andrew~ The winners of the entire event... yep, we're good like that! (actually I'm pretty sure Andrew scared our team into winning with his battle cries and war cheers) :) 

Let the games begin...

Time for team chants.

Team "Super Bob"

Team "GTD"

Team "Sunny Jam"

Team "Image breakers"


The Onion ring pass

The Spinning sack race

Coke and Mentos challenge

Team Jump Roping 

Relay Race 

Coke can water relay

AND THE WINNER IS... Team Hooray!! 

Then we got to just hang out and relax before dinner.

Dinner Time!! 

After dinner we had a talent show which included dancing, singing, and acting. The kids did a fantastic job and I got pulled into more dances than I knew what to do with... it was a ton of fun! 

After the talent night we moved into hang out time. I taught a group of the kids how to play charades which they enjoyed and then we moved into about three rounds of Maffia. 

I played the last round of maffia at around 2:30 am :) 

The view the next morning was absolutely gorgeous! 

For breakfast we had delicious Ramen, salad, and leftover grilled meat :)

It was such a fun opportunity to get to have fun and relax with the students. I really enjoyed myself and everyone said this was the best MT so far in the department. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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Elizabeth said...

That's awesome! Looks like way too much fun to be 'work.' :) (I know you work hard, but it's great having fun and working at the same time :))
Sounds like you all are doing a great job!