Girls' Weekend

Last weekend I had the pleasure of having two of my best friends, Bethany and Hannah, come visit me from Seoul, while Robert headed up to Seoul to spend the weekend with Jordan. We had a little trade-off. It was the start to some beautiful weather and we didn't have anything to do but relax and enjoy each other's company... which is exactly what we did! Gimcheon is not exactly the biggest party town (why we like it), so it can be a little difficult to come up with "touristy" things to do when visitors come, but we made the most of it and had a blast! 

The girls' train arrived and since the weather was gorgeous, we walked the 30 minutes home rather than grabbing a taxi. After we dropped their stuff off, we headed towards Paris Baguette for some sandwiches and then to Yeonhwaji lake (where we went for all the cherry blossoms last month) for a little picnic in the park. 

After enjoying lunch and the beautiful lake, we trekked toward the Uni so I could show them the place. By now the sun was really beating down pretty hard so we just looked at the Uni from the road and then grabbed a cab to Coffee Gourmet for an iced caffe mocha....

After spending a couple hours chatting and catching up with each other, we walked back home to have dinner and a quiet relaxing evening. After dinner (I made spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and salad), we made an inaugural batch of cookies in my new toaster oven. My mother in law had sent this cookie mix in the last box and up til now, had no way to bake them ... sad story. That is all taken care of!! :)

Hannah was the official "cookie watcher" 

Not too bad,  huh? they were delicious! Especially paired with ice cream and a chick flick. 

What's a girls' weekend without a little pampering?! 

We three are notorious for our inability to make decisions, so when it came down to what movie to watch, it took about 30 minutes of reading off titles, eliminating genres, making a list of about 10, and then from there we were able to make a decision... pathetic I know :)

*Face Masks*

After sleeping in late the next morning, and having a breakfast/lunch of pancakes, we set out for Nearby for games and coffee before their train left. 

Seriously?! This is the first time I have ever won in Speed scrabble!!! It was worth including in this post (that's just how special it is) :) 

So there you have it... a group of friends kicking it Gimcheon style... we had a blast and I am so grateful that Bethany and Hannah could make the trip down to see me. Love you girls! You're the best.

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