parties and fajitas

We've had the chance to have a few parties recently and both, just so happened to involve making fajitas and homemade tortillas. My mom would be so proud because this recipe has literally traveled the globe. It went with my family to Ghana and Lesotho and now it's here in Korea :) 

The first party was with the "Picnic People". This is a group of Juniors who get together and picnic at various places and have to speak English the entire time they are together. They have been doing this since they were freshmen. The funny thing was, the only person who couldn't stop speaking Korean was Jared, the English professor!! Needless to say, he bought the group ice cream as penance... :)  

The girls did an excellent job making the tortillas! :)

Of course we played some games....

Yep, I pretty much won that game of Jenga... :) 

Everyone pitched in and we had a lovely variety of foods. It was such an enjoyable evening! 

One of the girls took such care in making these crackers. I thought they were so cute! 

The next party was a game night with a few friends... which also involved fajitas. Hey, what can I say? They are easy, delicious, and always a crowd pleaser. 

Laura trying her hand at rolling tortillas. 

Cooking Korean style (on a small table in the middle of the floor)

Lynn and Nina

Ryan, Amanda, and Holly



After a rousing game of "Would you Rather?", we settled into a pretty fierce game of Apples to Apples.... that is until our neighbor came and told us to be quiet... I'm totally not bitter.  

"Demanding~ Cruel~ Deadly" 
They say that the cards you get describe who you are as a person... eh Robert? 
Think I should be worried?! :) 

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H. said...

I love the fact that you're wearing a Starbucks apron- hilarious! :)