Daegu Weekend

It's so hard to believe that this month is our 3rd Anniversary! I honestly can't imagine being happier than I am right now, and that's not some cheezy line I got from a Hallmark card. It really is amazing how much fun Robert and I have together and I am so excited for the next 72 years ( I plan to be married to him a minimum of 75 years). We hadn't initially planned this weekend as an Anniversary trip, but it kind of shaped up to be one, which is totally cool with us... A co-worker was getting married in Daegu (a 40 minute train ride away) and it so happened that Monday was Buddha's birthday and we had the day off so we seized the long weekend for a relaxing and fun weekend away. We booked into the Novotel which was such a lovely hotel located practically on top of downtown which made shopping easily accessible :) My husband is so good to me... Another perk of the hotel was all the English speaking staff... you forget how nice it is to pick up the phone and the person on the other line is speaking English to you! This weekend was a chance for relaxation, fun, shopping, and just enjoying each other's company. 

Our view from the room 

Room Service :) 

The wedding was in the late afternoon so we decided to have an iced coffee on the terrace and enjoy the beautiful weather before heading off to the ceremony. 

This was our first Korean wedding and it was a really fun experience. Korean weddings typically have two parts: A western wedding and then a traditional Korean wedding. The second is only for family and very close friends. The western wedding is more of a fun atmosphere with special songs sung by friends and a chance for pictures to be taken. 

The Gimcheon Delegates :) 
It was fun hanging out with some of the other professors outside of work. 

After the ceremony, you go downstairs to eat dinner at this enormous buffet! 

Yea, we cool. 

The happy Bride and Groom :) 

The wedding didn't last very long so afterwards we went to see the new "Snow white and the Huntsman". It was A-mazing.... and from what I hear, it came out in Korea before the states which is practically unheard of! Don't worry, I won't gloat too long. 

Breakfast... we needed our strength for the shopping ahead! 

We hit jackpot when we found a thrift store! Who needs those expensive department stores when there are gems like these to discover... 

Robert was in thrift store heaven... 

After so much shopping, of course we were exhausted. The remedy, of course, was couple facials. I have only had one other facial in my life, so I was pretty excited to experience it again and this was Robert's first time. An hour and a half of a face massage, masks, and sweet smelling aromatherapy oils... how can you go wrong? You can't. plain and simple. 

After the facials, to our surprise, we were seated and served cheesecake, fruit, and fruit juice! 
Talk about luxury! :) 

We had dinner at one of our favorite little spots in Daegu... Little Italia. The owner/chef speaks English and is always so friendly when we visit. His food is delicious too! 

I was in search of a dress for my brother's upcoming wedding and after trying on $300 dresses at Lotte department store, I was feeling a little disappointed. Never fear, we happened upon yet another thrift store and I found a dress for $20 instead! Those are my kind of savings. 

"Hey look mom, its one of your bridesmaids' dresses. I wonder how it got all the way over here?!"

It was a very special weekend and we truly enjoyed the time away. It's back to school for finals and then bring on Summer vacation! That's right, this was just the beginning of vacation for us! There's more to come...

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Rayia said...

What fun! I love the way you two look together, so cute, stylish and romantic!