A weekend goodbye

Remember your first day of school? Or the first day of your new job? You  felt insecure, nervous, wanting to make a good impression, not knowing anyone, feeling very vulnerable... and then it happens. You sit next to that one person and suddenly everything is going to be ok. You click. 

I have been blessed to have several of these encounters throughout my lifetime. Meeting Amrie for the first time in South Africa, the first Sunday school class in Hobe Sound, FL when I met Brittany, Freshman orientation when I met Cilla... and many more. One more to add to that list is meeting Hannah the first time we attended Onnuri. From the day we met, there has been a great connection that comes from our love of teaching, art, crafts, the movies we like, and cats. :) I enjoyed every opportunity I spent with Hannah. Now, why am I speaking in past tense? That's because Hannah up and left me this Summer. It's ok. She had a good reason. Three of her siblings are getting married this Summer so she returned to the states to spend time with her family. She is planning to return to Korea in the Fall if she gets a new job. Believe me, I'm praying hard for that to happen! Korea would not be the same without her :) 

On to the weekend. Spur of the moment, I decided to go up on the weekend so I left Friday night and arrived in Seoul around 10:30pm. 

I stayed with my friends, Jordan and Bethany on Friday night because it was easily to meet up with Hannah on Saturday (she lives up in the north of Seoul). Bethany and I got creative and made Hannah this goodbye card. Who says grown adults can't make hand and foot art?! 

The puns were much funnier at 2:00am. 

When Hannah arrived the next day (she brought her 2 cats for Jordan and Bethany to watch this Summer), we went to Tremano's for some bapbinsu (shaved ice dessert) 

Hannah and I then set out on our long journey to her house in Ilsan. After the train ride we were pretty hungry and while we were discussing the menu options, it came to my attention that Hannah (after 2 years of living in Korea) had never had Korean Pizza Hut! I decided that she better try it before leaving, so we went there. 

*she's pretty excited, don't ya think? 

While we were eating we saw some people setting up some type of display, so after we ate, we went outside and watched these tap dancers! It was so cool. I really had never seen anything like this in Korea. It certainly made my day! 

As you well know, we have plenty of lovely little coffee shops that I adore, so there's no real need for Starbucks, but every once in awhile when I am in Seoul, I enjoy a good Starbucks drink. :)

We went home and after a series of Youtube videos and a lot of laughter, we settled in for some good old dance movies... another thing we have in common (that, and our love of Zac Effron- don't you dare judge..) 

Another highlight of the weekend was seeing some of our Onnuri friends! 

I'm so glad I was able to go spend this last weekend with Hannah before her return to the states. We are both "Florida girls", so we will definitely see each other again, whether or not its on Korean soil... 
Love you Hannah! 

After talking to both my parents on the phone (and freaking them out that I was traveling alone at night) I set off for the 3 hour train ride home... it was a wonderful weekend goodbye. 

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