It's a kitty's world...

We have been blessed to form a wonderful group of friends here in Gimcheon and I'm so thankful for them. Together, we represent America, South Africa, and New Zealand which brings a lot of fun to the mix. The other day, Laura received wonderful news that she graduated from her Honors course Cum Laude! We were all so excited for her and decided that a celebration was in order, so we hopped on the train and headed to Daegu to the nearest Mexican restaurant! :) 

We ate at Dos Tacos and believe me, it was delicious! 

Lynn made her a diploma which we all signed to commemorate the event :) 

After dinner we were up for some coffee and hanging out so we walked down the street and guess what we saw?! A Hello Kitty Cafe!!! I have seen this cafe on my other trips to Daegu, but never been with a group that was willing to go in. Being that we are all "adventure seekers" we headed in for the experience :) 

Everything was pink and cat-shaped! 

They had "Hello Kitty" years, from when it was created to present. Laura and I found our year :) 

Seriously though... how cute is that!? 

I'm so thankful for friends like these and the chance to make exciting and new memories together...such as this one, in a kitty's world. 

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