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It's here. The feeling of Fall... the crisp air, pumpkin spice cravings, and all around snuggly moods. Now that I actually live in a place that has Fall weather (unlike Florida), it has quickly become one of my favorite seasons (I think Spring still wins, but its a close race). We have done our best to enjoy the time, despite being extremely busy. Sometimes I feel like a broken record when people ask how we have been, because my answer is always the same: "We're good. Busy with teaching and our masters coursework.." Literally that is our life right now. So, that is what we have been doing, along with counting down the days until we visit Florida in December. We have also managed to have some fun these past few weeks as well.

Our friend Lynn orchestrated a surprise birthday for Tanya and it was a huge success! She had no idea we were all up on her roof waiting with sparklers! :) Laura called and said something about how she needed to go up on her roof and see the gorgeous sunset :) It was a wonderful evening with great friends! We are so blessed to have a good group of friends here in Gimcheon. 

One of my favorite things in life is getting a box from home. While it may seem superficial of me, hear me out. You have no idea how special little things like a Fall scented candle or a puzzle book can be until you are continents away from your family and friends. Oh and did I mention I got a supply of Pumpkin Spice VIA coffee??? A-mazing is all I can say! 

This past weekend we got to party it up "Gimcheon Style" (not to be confused with Gangnam Style by any stretch of the imagination) :) with Jordan and Bethany. We actually decided to meet up in Daegu because its a fun place and they had never been. We both ordered our tickets separately but near the same time, and when we boarded the train in Gimcheon, our seats were across the isle from theirs! :) We started the Daegu adventure at "Buy the Book" which is a great little English bookstore/restaurant. It was Mexican weekend so we got yummy enchiladas with CILANTRO!!! It was the first time I have had it in almost 2 years. My enthusiasm is fully understandable. 

After lunch we hit up almost every thrift store in Daegu which was awesome. We each scored some pretty good finds and had a blast rummaging through the stuff. 

After shopping, we decided to watch Bourne Legacy. Let me give you a warning: Don't watch that movie in 4D. While the extra effects are meant to enhance the whole experience, I found it extremely sidetracking and at times a bit annoying. I enjoyed the movie besides that. Everytime there was a fight scene, the chairs would take you on mini rollar coaster ride and if the movie had a snow storm, a loud fan would kick on to make it sound like and feel like you were there... just watch it in a regular theater is all I'm saying! :) 

We took them to our favorite restaurant "little Italia" and had such a nice time there. The chef studied and lived in Italy and you can totally tell by his cooking. It is ACTUAL Italian and not Italian-Korean fusion. The chef always brings something extra out for us and this time was a selection of sherbets and WARM freshly baked biscotti. 

Scrabble time!!!

Speed Scrabble! :) 

The boys in their Custom-made suits 
(Robert took Jordan to the tailor that had made his in Seoul)

The best Duck restaurant in Gimcheon!!! 

And the owner sat right down with us and cooked our food for us :) 

I had the pumpkin coffee and they had a jar of pumpkin so we joined forces and made homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes which were to die for. Who needs Starbucks?! :) 

We had such a great time with them, as always, and are so grateful for their amazing friendship! 

Two of my mentor girls were sick this week, but the other two girls still wanted to meet, so we headed over to Nearby and played Speed Scrabble. They were so cute with their dictionaries and learning how to make new words that were unfamiliar to them. We had a really good time. 

(Robert taught them to use "No. 1" instead of the peace sign because he said the 
English department is No. 1 and NOT No.2 :) Judy listened to him very well :) 

This weekend is Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) so we're looking forward to a great long holiday weekend! If you don't remember what Chuseok is, you can check out last year's festivities here. :) 

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Jenofwa said...

4D movies, I've heard rumor of these and the way you described it made me giggle :) don't think I'd be too quick to grab a ticket for one now. So glad you're enjoying fall there! Im finding that while fall didnt really "exist" in FL, the folks there over compensate with fall decor and candles (which i thoroughly enjoyed). Here in Hawaii, however, there is barely a hint of fall even in the stores! Truly the eternal summer it seems, but i hope to learn the "Hawaiian seasons" nevertheless :). Your hair is too cute :) much love to you!