Getting a breath of Seoul

I got a text last week from Bethany saying that she was going to have a cooking lesson with our pastor's wife, Ellen and wanted to know if I wanted to come up to Seoul. I said that it sounded like a great idea and headed up on Friday afternoon. Robert had to be in Daejeon for work on Friday afternoon so he came up later from there. I went up early on purpose because I was meeting a new friend named Stephanie. Many years ago, I went to school with a girl named Tina and then just recently got a message from her saying that one of her friends was spending a semester studying in Seoul! How exciting is that?! So we decided to meet for coffee and we had an absolute blast together! Next month she will be traveling down to Gimcheon to see how us country folk live :) 

Once Jordan and Bethany were off work and Robert got to Seoul, we headed to T.G.I. Fridays for dinner (remember how we always try to eat different things that what we have in Gimcheon...) After dinner we headed over to Twosome Place because they are open all night and it was already close to midnight. Oh the life of the young... :) 

The boys played computer games at a PC Bang and Bethany and I settled down to a movie and popcorn at home. It was relaxing and fun. We went to bed at an insane hour of the morning only to wake up a few short hours later to head to our cooking date :) Coffee was a must! 

We made it to Pastor Oliver's house and were excited to cook. Ariel's teacher was there too so we enjoyed cooking together! 

Dubu Jjajang 


Bulgogi (불고기)

KongNaMul (콩나물)

After cooking for several hours, we had a complete Korean feast prepared! It was all very delicious! 

After our late lunch, Bethany and Jordan headed to a friend's wedding and I met up with my old co-teachers from the hogwon. It was so good to see them after so long! 

Such a cutie! 

Annie :) 

After the wedding, we met back up with the Boltes in Myeongdong and did some shopping, computer gaming, and coffee shopping (yes, I just made that noun into a verb, its called "verbage") :) 

Bethany and I stumbled upon a wonderful little gem of a place. We had a lovely Brownie Affogato and some herb tea. When the place was about to kick us out, we finally joined back up with the guys and headed home. 

I have been craving a macaroon for ages and every time we go to Seoul, I just don't end up getting one, so finally when we were grabbing lunch for the train home, I grabbed a chocolate macaroon and boy was it worth it! If you haven't eaten one, do yourself a favor and find a bakery that makes them. You'll thank me later, I assure you. And that concluded our fun weekend in Seoul. As always, the Boltes were amazing hosts and we had an awesome time together. Next weekend we will be kickin' it Gimcheon style (not to be confused with "Gangnam style") :)  ~ stay tuned... 

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