Well folks, it's beginning to feel and look like Fall here in Korea. I love it! 
(although I do complain a lot about the fast approaching cold weather, but never mind that now). 
Last weekend we enjoyed a visit from my friend Stephanie. She is currently studying in Seoul and wanted to see what life is like outside the hustle and bustle of Seoul life... Gimcheon is just that! It is the epitome of calmness and peacefulness (except your occasional taxi driver who feels the need to relive his dream of being a Formula 1 driver). We had perfect weather which brought about nice walks around Gimcheon and simply enjoying our surroundings. 

I put up my few Fall decorations. I love them! I am also loving my Autumn candles that arrived in my most recent box of goodies. Just the smell of Cranberry, Pumpkin, and Apple is enough to make me feel completely at home :) 

These flowers were all hand-placed by cute little workers. Talk about a Holiday decoration! It was set up for Chuseok but of course still looks absolutely lovely. 

After walking around town, we settled in for a nice afternoon snack at To Presso... 

For dinner, we had a lovely rooftop picnic! We invited some other friends and had a genuinely wonderful time! It was chilly which made it perfect for homemade Lattes :) 

I made "dubu jorim" 
(one of the dishes I learned in my Korean cooking class) 

This is a Pinterest success story! I changed it a little bit but the general idea is the same. Basically you make little eggs in muffin tins (or glass dishes in my case) and bake until done. Refrigerate and have ready-made egg sandwiches ready for quick breakfasts. They are so good! I decided to try them this weekend and they were a hit :) Definitely something I am making a practice.  

"Coffee" and "Scrabble" are practically synonymous with the Blacks :) 
We can't help it... We just love the simple life 

We had to sing a special in church which was a little nerve-racking for me, but it went ok. :)

It was so much fun having Stephanie visit for the weekend! And we are loving this new Autumn weather... look forward to more Autumn-y things coming soon! 

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