Daegu Dating

With all the studies and work lately, Robert and I have spent a ton of time together, while not really being together. We are in our separate offices yelling out random things to each other, eating dinner together, and watching the occasional Downton Abbey episode or Top Gear, but other than that, pretty much staying busy on our own. We decided that it was high time for a little dating. We headed over to our favorite spot~ Daegu to enjoy the Autumn weather, each other, shopping, and our favorite Italian restaurant. All this and more made it an amazing date experience. :) 
I'm always happy for an "excuse" to be with my hubster... 

Oh the many faces of Robert... 

Woohoo!!! My man's got style! :)

After a great deal of shopping, we headed to "Little Italia"~ the absolute best spot in all of Daegu. 

Because we are regular customers, the chef always brings us out little extra "service" dishes such as this A-mazing bruschetta and then later, the sherbet and REAL homemade cheesecake!!! 

Oh my word. I nearly died. I haven't tasted a cheesecake this good since I was in America... 
Paula Dean ain't got nothin on this guy. 

While we were in a shop, we heard traditional music and discovered a parade was in process. There was a huge festival going on that we kind of stumbled upon. It was so cool! Everyone was so artsy and doing open mics and playing music and dancing in the streets. There were street venders, people doing caricatures, street chalk, and everything. It was so much fun! 

Digital art and a projector~ So cool! 

Bring on the chill... I'm scarfed and ready to go!!! :) 

Like I said, it was a great day to just relax and enjoy each other's company without any thought to lesson plans, modules, or grades :) It's he and I against the world... and we're a pretty awesome team :) 

"Whatever his soul is made of, his and mine are the same. "
~ Emily Bronte 

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Teaching English iin Gyeongju South Korea said...

That restaurant - Little Italia - is great! Everything I have tried there has been brilliant. I highly recommend them!