friendships that last

Back in February of this year I wrote a post that included pictures of alot of tear-stained eyes. It never once occurred to me that I would grow so close to my co-teachers and at one point have to say goodbye. I kind of just took each day for granted until the time came and then it hit pretty hard. These were the girls I worked alongside, laughed with, taught with, and had an all around good time with for a year! Those kind of friendships don't just come and go with no notice. They are special friendships that mean so much and hold so many memories wrapped up inside them. Ever since I moved down to Gimcheon, we had planned a visit from Sally and Gloria but as usual, life just happened. Finally, this last Saturday they were able to make it down. Bless their hearts, they left at 8 am for a 3 hour journey but hit traffic which turned it into a grueling 5 hour trip. Not fun... But I was so happy to see them!! :) We had lunch together at a Calguksu restaurant and then took a short tour of Gimcheon university campus and then coffee beside the lake. A few hours later they had to start the long trip back... I was so thankful that they were willing to make the trip down just for a few hours to see my house, where I work, and my life here in Gimcheon. I love these girls (and Gloria's adorable son) :) So, here was our delightful Saturday afternoon spent together :) 

(no picture is complete without a little Gangnam style) 

Thanks for visiting me!!! It was such a lovely day together! 

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Kristina Clemens said...

The weather looks beautiful there! Hope the year's going well for you.