Academic festival and various and sundry things

Just after my post about the apartment, we went to Emart and picked up this lovely bit of shelving for the laundry room. It's not much but its a whole lot better than it was! :) I thought I would update you on the progress... 

 Little bit of school life... 

This week was Academic Festival, meaning that each department showcased their best work as a department. I wasn't able to go to very many departments, but I heard that you could get your eyes checked in Optometry, have an X-ray in Radiology, or get your teeth checked in Dental Hygiene. For lunch on Thursday, we attended the Hotel and Culinary Arts department buffet. There were 80 different dishes displayed and the tables stretched on for ages! There were salads, soups, meats, vegetables, sushi, desserts, you name it.... It was unbelievable! Any hotel or restaurant that hires one of our kids is going to be getting an awesome deal! These kids are learning from an awesome chef! 

Yep, unbelievable huh? 

David and Robert

Charlotte and Me 

After lunch, Charlotte, Jared, and I went to the Early Childhood development department to see their display. They had such an amazing spread of activities and things for kids. The theme of Alice in Wonderland and it was so cute! You could write a letter to Alice, attend a tea party, win prizes, walk through a sensory based activity, etc. They really did an amazing job! 

This student had really good English and was so helpful in showing me around. We attended the first tea party together and then Charlotte and I went :) 

This was an upside down world. You laid on your back (in the sky) and looked down (up) at the world below (above). Pretty cool huh? 

A few of my shy students :) 

Afterwards, Charlotte and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Hands Coffee and enjoyed some of the gorgeous Fall scenery. 

On Friday I spent the day in trains headed to and from Seoul to submit some paperwork for Robert's upcoming trip to an Education conference in Russia. The nice thing about the trip was that I got to have lunch with Bethany quickly before she went to work and I caught my train home :) 

After I got home, my English mentor group (except for Esther) came over for dinner. I taught them how to do a thrown together pasta dish (one pot wonder) and make a salad vinaigrette. We watched "17 Again" because they love Zac Effron and had a lovely time together :)  

^Love my girls^  

It has been a busy couple weeks and it will continue to be until our Masters is finished but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! We are coming close to the end and I can't wait!! Until then, we will continue to enjoy little things in life and stay busy! :) 

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