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Well I'm back... after Google tried to enlist me in their evil plan of controlling the known universe forced me into buying more space online for my pictures because apparently this little blog is taking up too much internet space. Therefore, it has been a solid month without blogging. So, I am sitting here beside my lovely Christmas tree (yep, a lot has happened since the last post) and will finally catch up on all that has transpired since I last posted. 

We had a lovely evening with friends in Daegu (Robert and my favorite city in Korea to date). We rode the train over and since it was a Saturday night, we ended up standing (or sitting on the floor) in the snack car. Fun times. We ate at Buy the Book which is a quaint little English bookstore that also serves delicious food. We enjoyed some wonderful vegetarian chili and some Reeces chocolate cups! :) Oh life's simple pleasures. 

Tanya getting her fabulous on :) 

The lovely Gimcheon Girls 

The handsome Hubster 

On Sunday, we had a very special event because not only did we get to meet Jared's good friends, but it was also Baptism Sunday and we were privileged to witness both Jared and one of our students getting baptized. Such an amazing experience to see God working in their lives. 

Introducing his friends in Korean 

Jared being baptized

Judy being baptized 

All the baptism candidates 

So proud of you!! 

Jared and President Kang after the Baptism service 

The following week we pretty much did nothing but work, sleep, eat, and study masters. We got behind on two of our courses and the majority of November was spent catching up on that. However, in the midst of our frantic studying, we did take time to go up to Seoul for one last hurrah with our pals Jordan and Bethany. That's right, the time has come for them to return to America. No more crazy Seoul or Gimcheon weekends with them. It was a bitter sweet weekend because we got to enjoy their company and remember all the fun times together in the past year but also sad because we hate goodbyes. Life happens and we're so glad we got to experience Korea with them! 

They had a work dinner that was going to go quite late so we just entertained ourselves with dinner and a movie :) (btw...that Papa Johns man is everywhere!!) 

On Saturday we headed out on the town and ended up at an amazing Thai restaurant. One thing you can count on with the Boltes and the Blacks--good food and good coffee are always present. 

After lunch it was time for some dessert and coffee so they introduced us to the best Macaroon shop around!! I have an amazing relationship with these little cookies of goodness and I can attest to this shop's quality. 

We found a quiet little coffee shop to enjoy our macaroons along with a latte.

After walking around and shopping for quite some time, we visited another of the Bolte's favorites which was an adorable little French dessert cafe. Korea has tons of coffee shops which sport various desserts but this was something I have never seen in Korea. The desserts were amazing! 

We came, we ate, we got stuffed.... 

You know you are in Seoul when... 

After our dessert had settled, we arrived back in Ssangmun and were ready for a dinner of substance. What better choice than Samgyupsal, Bokumbap, and Kimchi Jigae? That's right. It was the best. 

This weekend was their final Sunday at church as well as the English service Thanksgiving dinner. We really cashed in on that one, huh? :) 

It's always nice to see old friend again! 

Then it was our last time to experience Coffee How's with the Boltes... 

We love you Jordan and Bethany and wish you all the best in your next chapter! 
We miss you already and can't wait to see you again! :) 

For mentoring group the following week, I decided that with Thanksgiving on the way, it was a good idea to teach my girls how to make an apple pie. :) They had a blast!! 

We made the pie, played Dutch Blitz while it cooked and then enjoyed our creation :) 

And that gets us up to Thanksgiving! Stay tuned... it was a killer event! :) 

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