October goodness

With Fall in the air, we are constantly searching for good hearty and warm meals to eat. We found just such a meal with other night when we went out with Lynn, Nina, and Vince. We searched every in Bukokdong and even got directions from a lady and it ended up being on the first street we passed... we basically walked in a big circle around the restaurant :) Oh well. it was worth the walking and the waiting. 

We were invited to take part in the welcome dinner of four new Korean professors. It was a delicious meal and a wonderful time spent with our Church family. 

It's getting chillier everyday and I am wearing scarfs more often. Today, I just happened to match Paris Baguette :) My mentor girls thought it was pretty funny and snapped this picture. 

Robert was gone for 5 days to Vladivostok, Russia for a TESOL convention where he presented a paper on International standardized testing. I was so happy he got to go but I didn't very much like to spend the weekend alone. It so happened that all my friends had plans too so I spent a lot of time at home working on school work. It probably was better that they were busy because I was able to work alot since it was just me :) He had a wonderful time and made some amazing connections with people, even getting invited to present at another conference in Moscow next year!! :) 

On October 31, 2012 we welcomed my new niece, Lauren Jayne Taylor into the world. I'm so happy to be an aunt for the sixth time! :) I can't wait to meet her and am so happy she and mamma are ok. Nana made it to Idaho just in time! :)  

Working very hard.... 

Robert sent me this picture :) 

One of the highlights of the weekend was attending a Romeo and Juliet musical/ballet at the Gimcheon Fine Arts Center with my friend Nina. We had such a lovely time and the performers did an excellent job. It was so much fun to see how they made the story applicable to the Korean audience while staying very true to the original story. The singing and dancing were also very good! 
We had a nice dinner of Calguksu and then grabbed lattes at Hands Coffee before the show. 

This last week we had a big Marketplace activity for our classes. One class was the buyers (mine) and another class was the sellers. The sellers would set up shops with a specific list of merchandise that they could price however they liked. My kids were divided into groups with individual shopping lists and were given $200.00 to spend. Each class was given key shopping phrases and haggling terms to use. The goal for the sellers was to make the most money and the goal of the buyers was to haggle for the best deal and save the most money. The kids had an absolute blast and it was so much fun hearing them shout "That's a rip off! You're killing me! Give me a better deal!" :) 

We got to celebrate Nina's birthday with her at a relaxing party at her and Vince's place the other night and as always, a good time was had by all :) 

The U.S. Election happened. For us, the results were coming in the middle of the day so while I was busy working, I had my ipad running with the results. The day did not go as I would have liked it, but that's all I am going to say about the matter. The President will receive my honest and sincere prayers for guidance, leadership, and strength in leading our country. 

While watching the results come in, I got to have a delicious order-in lunch with my mentor group (yes, that is order in food.... pretty crazy huh?) They enjoyed talking about the voting process and American politics while we were eating. 

And then it was back to studying.... story of my life :) 

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