North Carolina Christmas

We walked up the street from our house carting 4 large bags plus carry-ons toward the bus station at 5:45am. We got the 6am bus headed toward Incheon airport and arrived at 9:30. Our flight out was at 1:45pm so we had some time to kill. Luckily the Incheon airport has been voted best in the world for 7 years running. :) We flew from Korea to Japan and then had a couple hours layover there. From Japan, we flew the long flight over to Chicago. We had a short layover in Chicago and then flew to North Carolina. Once we arrived in Charlotte, we got our bags and headed to the car rental place. On our way to Grandma's, I was praying for safety since we were both so tired from the trip, and we were about a car length ahead of an accident at one point when a semi truck side swiped a car and sent it spinning. :( We made it to Grandma's late and went almost straight to bed. Robert's grandparents wake up at 4am, which would normally be weird for us, but with jetlag... I was right there with them most mornings! :) 

Grandma's stash of homemade candies 

After a 24+ hour trip, a spa pedicure with a massaging chair was exactly what I needed! 
We even got super cute snowflakes on our toes :) 

This year I got to help Grandma with some of her famous cakes and pies.
 I am in "the know" now :) 

Robert and Austin enjoyed hunting in the back woods. 

Family tradition: get fish one night :)

Robert with his Great Grandma Kenyon 

Grandpa turning on the forge. It's a family favorite :)

The Black Family Christmas 2012

The original family 

The grandkids

with Great Grandma

We had such a nice time just sitting around chatting and enjoying each other's company at Grandma's house :) We were so happy it worked out to start our trip there. It had been a couple years since we'd been there and it was time to get Robert back to his NC roots :) 

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I always love reading your blog posts and looking at your pictures :)