Florida Christmas(s)

We had originally planned to leave NC on Sunday but decided to leave Saturday evening and surprise my mom. We called my dad and told him that we would be getting in around 4 or 5am. He and my mom both had to work that evening so he got Brian to help get the bed ready in Jeremy's old apartment off of the house. We made the trip down and fell into bed around 5:30 am. I work up around 8:30 the next morning to hear sweeping on the front porch. I opened the door to head up to the house and you should have seen my mom's face! :) It was priceless!! She was so shocked and it made the long drive worth it. We made it in time for Jeremy and Delani's South African meal (mom asked us kids to each make a meal from our respective places). 

Visiting the Gardens Mall is always on my Florida to-do list! 

Christmas with the Howards... 

Christmas with the Blacks... 

Telling Grandma Jackie she was going to be a Grandma Great :) 


Not a bad view to have for Christmas, is it? 

It was so much fun getting to meet my newest niece, Lauren Jayne! 

We came from all over- South Korea, South Africa, Idaho, and Florida- and what a blast it was to be together! It had been about 3 1/2 years since all the siblings were together and we had few new additions too which made it all the more fun! :) 

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