fun was had...

And so January begins... 

As I mentioned before ( if I didn't, I meant to), my siblings and I were all to make a meal that represented where we lived. Jeremy and Delani had made a delicious South African meal the Sunday before Christmas and New Year's day was Robert and my turn. We decided to go for the most basic foods possible so that my family could be kindly introduced to Korean cuisine (Robert's family has been to Korea a couple of times so it was old news for them). I will say that everyone did quite well with the foods. :) 

My helpers 

The menu included:

Grilled meat and lettuce wraps 상추쌈
Steamed Rice 
JapChae (mixed noodles) 잡채
Fried Zucchini 호박전
Soy Bean Soup 된장찌개
Steamed Egg 계란찜

Favorite past time: archery and guns in the back yard :) 

For Jason and Tami's meal, they did a delicious German-inspired meal of Reubens, Saur Kraut, and German Chocolate cake:) 

Triominos: Grandma Howard's favorite game :) 

Girls' Lunch at Taste 

Family Breakfast at Harry's 

Robert and I headed over to our special Park (Zeus Park) for a lunch date one day. We always love to revisit the place where we had our first date, got engaged, and got married :) 

"our" tree 

Day out with the Boys

Olive Garden 

decisions, decisions... 

Toys R Us 
Ice Cream

a good day was had by all... 

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