january continues.

We have a fun tradition that we try to do every Christmas with Marie and Carmelo and that is to go look at lights. This year it came a little after Christmas but that didn't change how fun it was. We found a special park that had huge light displays and even some 3D ones which was pretty cool. 

After lights we headed over to Starbucks to enjoy the wonderful evening breeze and the company. 
And to shamelessly look ridiculous in our 3D glasses :) 

I never get tired of Florida... it's absolutely gorgeous. 

My high school graduating class was able to have a small get together with several of the classmates which was so much fun! Some of them I hadn't seen since probably graduation day. This would have been our 6 year reunion. People came and went at various times so we never got a group picture which is a huge bummer! I guess it will have to wait until the 10 year mark :) 

President Kang from Gimcheon University and a small delegation came to Hobe Sound for an official meeting to join Hobe Sound and Gimcheon in student transfers. This was a very exciting thing for us because Robert has been working on this union for quite some time. English majors have the option to take classes at Hobe Sound Bible College, while student teachers can complete their TESOL practicum at Gimcheon University within the English department. It was such a wonderful experience to have them in our homes and to take them to some of our favorites spot in town, like Harry's :) 

I finally got to meet Baby Kate, my friend Candace's baby. She is so sweet!! 
And Robert and I went through our stuff in storage and had a huge yard sale. We figured it was a waste to have so much stuff in storage when our life is very much in Korea for the time being. 

Robert got to go flying with dad, which he always loves to do everytime he's home. 

We got to have an awesome day spent with friends! We started out at the Donut Factory, headed to several thrift stores (our favorite), did some Target shopping, and then met up with Caleb and Cilla for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. :) 

After living in South Florida for 15 years, I had to go home for a visit to finally eat at Dune Dogs!! :) Now I can finally say I have eaten at the local establishment... 

Robert spending some time with Isaac, Micah, and and Titus Geise in the canoe. 

And then there was Masters courses that began.... 

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