warm days of summer

Our Summer vacation continues... This is a bit of a weird one for us because this is our first summer spent entirely in Korea. Ordinarily we would be trekking off to other parts of the globe, however this Summer we have a very special person on the way and since I am now banned from flying... we're kicking it Gimcheon style. This means a lot of lazy days at home, finishing up the nursery, and working on our Masters degree capstone projects and final papers in our usual coffee shops :) 

Hands Coffee... we have completed a whole lot of work here. We had a fun Saturday "work date" with our friends, Daniel and Sooyeon which then turned into dinner, ice cream, and shopping at Emart. We're a partying bunch for sure! :) 


Robert captured the beauty of Gimcheon at night. We are so blessed to have such an incredible rooftop view! He is up there almost every night and I enjoy it in the daytime when I want to get a little sun :) 

It's been 4 years! Can you believe it?! We have reached the 4th year of marriage and at the risk of sounding very cliche, it has been the best 4 years of our lives. We have had so many incredible experiences together and come in contact with such amazing people. It was especially important because this is our last anniversary as just the two of us. We are now entering an entirely new phase in our lives and relationship and we are so excited for what is in store. We cannot wait to meet our little son James! He already brings us so much joy and he is not even born yet. I can't even begin to think of how much we will love him when we finally get to meet him! 

On the actual day of our anniversary, I was treated to breakfast in bed and Robert got his favorite Dutch coffee from Hands Coffee and chocolate. We tried to get out of Gimcheon and try a new restaurant so we headed over to Gumi to find Indian food. While the food was less than incredible and the atmosphere not so great, we still had a great anniversary dinner and topped of the evening with shopping at our favorite new spot: Lotte Department store's Toys R Us. :) We just can't get enough of that place! Soon we will be heading to Busan for a Babymoon/Anniversary trip and so we are very excited about that! 

Pregnancy has been very generous to my nails! :) 

We have enjoyed some lovely Summer strolls around town when the sun goes down (it's far too hot in the middle of the day with my little built-in heater!) 

It's not Summer until you have a 팥빙수 (Pat-bing-su).
This is a shaved ice dessert that is very popular here in the Summer :) 

We enjoyed a great picnic at our usual spot in the park :) 

Vince and Nina had never done the Daegu thrift shops so we headed out on a Saturday morning for a day of thrifting and an all around good time together. We also had lunch at the Lazy Diner which was fun. It had been awhile since I had a good Fish and Chips meal. 

After our shopping we headed over to Costco to get stocked up for our 4th of July picnic that was coming up and I just couldn't pass up these adorable newborn onesies for James! 

Thanks so a friend's recommendation, we found a new spot in town that does a pretty stellar breakfast. We headed for there for a masters working day and enjoyed brunch. 

This picture is older because it was taken on the last day of school but I loved it and had to include it. My students were so excited all semester about Jimmy and can't wait to meet him when school is back in session. Min and Kristen were giving Jimmy their final Summer loves...next time I see them they will get to hold James! :) 

We have hands down, the best Chinese food restaurant just around the corner from our house and we are on a first name basis with the owner. We decided to introduce our friends, Sean, Ashley and Phillip to this place and let them try the spicy Jjajjangmeon (this is literally the hottest food I have ever put in my mouth!). They gave both the food and the place a resounding thumbs up! :) 

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