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It had been a few months since we were last in Seoul and decided it was time to head up to see some friends. Everytime we go to Seoul we realize anew why we don't miss it... it's a complete madhouse. That being said, we have some great friends there and we can always be assured of amazing food when we visit. Therefore, Seoul is not an entire waste of time :) We do actually enjoy ourselves (a little) amidst the crowds, cars, and buildings. We headed up Saturday morning and stayed the night in Myeongdong at one of the Sky Park hotels. It had a lovely balcony that we enjoyed for awhile after our amazing dinner at Saffron... 

What can I say? Jimmy really liked it! :)

This is my idea of vacation...

All of our South African friends are always talking about Braai Republic in Itewon so we finally made our way there for an amazing dinner of Lamb chops, Boerewors, Amarula Cheesecake and Rooibos Tea. The meat is imported from South Africa and the atmosphere is great. We were surrounded by Afrikaans for an evening and that was fun. 

Before heading home on the train, we satisfied one of my "cravings" by grabbing a Subway sub for the ride home. I would live in Gimcheon for the rest of my life if they would just open a Subway! :0 

What can I say? The man's got style...

Robert has had so much fun with out new camera and has done a great job capturing some of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. 

The Mentorship program within the English Department continues to grow and improve. David treated all the professors involved in the program to a lovely picnic lunch! 

We had such an awesome semester in our professor's Korean class and so we wanted to show our appreciation to our teacher by taking her out to dinner. We had a great time together and got to have a bonus "lesson" since she doesn't actually have a lot of English. :) It was a really fun evening! 

Our professors were so sweet and held a "mandatory meeting" at the end of the semester in which they presented Robert and me with a card, a Lotte department store gift card for the baby, and a Starbucks gift card. They were so sweet and generous!  

I love finding new restaurants around town and a group of my pregnant friends showed me this amazing place a couple weeks ago after yoga class. It was so delicious! 

It never ceases to amaze me how different it is to make lasagna here than it is in the states. In America that is kind of considered cheap food... pasta, sauce, hamburger, etc... Here, we have to plan it and the first time I made it, it ended up costing close to $30 for a small 8x8 pan! This time I switched out beef for pork and was able to cut the price down significantly. It was still delicious and its a fun treat now and again. :0 

Jackie and I headed over to spend a Saturday at Daegu and really lived it up for a day :) Caution: Never take a pregnant lady where she can get Western food.... I think all we did that day was eat! :) We started with Dos Tacos where we had quesadillas and chimichangas= excellent. I was really in the mood for Mexican food and this did the trick. Next we moved on to see Man of Steel where we munched on popcorn. After the movie we headed to McDonalds to get a chocolate dipped cone= No judging... its Summer. After all that, I noticed that a new Auntie Anne's opened and I couldn't pass that up so I got one for the road and ate it later for supper (a girl has her limits after all!) :) 

Robert got to celebrate his first Father's day this year so I made him a special breakfast and put together a fun little gift bag full of "dad" gifts. 

I love baking and have had a chocolate cake on my mind. Korean bakeries, while very good, do not have the chocolate cake down the way I like it. It's supposed to be so rich and sweet that you have to have coffee or milk to cut it! THAT is a chocolate cake. I found a great recipe on Pinterest and had fun making it and then pawning it off on all my friends... again, a pregnant lady has her limits! 
Powdered sugar is a tad hard to find here so I had to rely on my coffee grinder to make the frosting :) 

So proud of the hubster giving an incredible message at church on Sunday. 

Jimmy and I enjoying a nice walk around town... 

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