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These last few weeks have been like the calm before the storm... not that I am calling my child a storm by any means but from what I hear, life is about to change. We have been on Summer vacation since the middle of June and have had lots of time on our hands to prepare for the arrival of our baby. It has been so much fun planning, and then putting those plans into reality. We have stayed busy working on our Masters degree Capstone projects (Thesis process), getting the baby's room ready, and simply going about our usual life in slow-paced Gimcheon. I haven't really taken a lot of pictures recently so this post actually covers several week's worth of events... so be it. 

Our delightful Sunday tradition 

Daddy getting the crib set up :) 

I headed to Daegu with some girlfriends for a "Girl's Night out"... It was a crowded night on the train and we ended up making the trip in the Cafe car. I was lucky enough to snag a seat for the hour ride. Girls like this are such a common sight in Korea and they will never cease to strike me funny... She kept an eye on her looks in her full hand-held mirror the whole trip to Daegu. I think some clubbing was on the agenda for the evening... it's important to make a repertoire of faces for the evening :) 

Krissy and Ashley

Sinyi, Jackie, and Tressa

T and me 

We inherited the life-size self portraits that Hyunuk took of us last year for his photo exhibit :) 
Not quite sure what to do with them but they are a fun memory for sure. 

David and Charlotte were so kind to take us to a Baby Fair in Daejeon. It was such a fun experience and definitely worth going since we saved a good $100 on the stroller that we had been planning to buy in a different store! We also saved about $70 on a boppy pillow too! For moms out there that just about fell off their chairs... yes, boppy pillows are priced at over $100 in department stores and I bought one for $30 (which is a little closer to how they are priced in the states). 

Isaac giving me tons of his cuteness over lunch. This kid is one of the cutest kids on the planet and is always willing to give me smiles and grins. 

One of our freshman students, Kristen, came by the house to bring James a gift. :) James is going to be spoiled rotten by all his "aunts" and "uncles" in the English department! 

At the lake for Sunday coffee... excitedly awaiting our little boy's arrival! 

The nursery was a long awaited and dreamed up process. Because our house does not have much in the way of built in storage, everything is stored in wardrobes. So we had to create a room that was half baby nursery and half my office/storage. We ordered a closet/desk set online and the delivery of said pieces warrants its own blog post... I won't digress. We also ordered a dresser online and a friend loaned me her crib. We hired a man to come in and re-wallpaper the walls, which was surprisingly cheap when you consider supplies and labor hours, and then I got busy making all the little extra accessories and themed items. I had a blast! There are still a few more small projects to be done but I think they can wait until "Nana the amazing seamstress" arrives :) 

I hung a twine clothesline of picture frames, which I filled with pictures from our maternity photo shoot and a couple handmade little sayings that I liked. 

I printed some letter templates from the internet and then glued on these adorable wooden car decorations that Grandma Tina sent. 

My mom sent me some nursery patterns and so I was able to sew this cute crib-side pocket organizer, curtains, and pillow shams with the adorable fabric that I found in Seoul a few months back :) 

I used more of the car decorations to make this mobile with ribbons, buttons, and a metal trivet we found in the kitchen aisle :) I love having his little shoes displayed next to my favorite verse framed. 

The verse, I Samuel 1:24 has a special story for us. It has been a family joke since we got married that Grandma Foley wanted  to be a great Grandma before she was 60. Since that didn't give us very much time, we managed to convince her to wait a little longer :) For anyone that knows Grandma Foley, you can attest to the fact that she gets everything she prays for! We told her she was on a strict "no praying for a great grand baby" rule until we were more settled and ready for a baby. And so finally in the summer of 2012, after 3 1/2 years of marriage, we decided we were ready for a baby and told Grandma that she was now free to pray for her first great grand baby. That Christmas when we were in America, we were able to give her a Christmas card with this verse on the outside and our little BB's first ultrasound that showed his strong and healthy heart beat at 6 weeks. 

God truly granted me the desires of my heart by allowing me to carry this precious life inside of me. 
I am so excited to meet my little James Robert Black very soon! 

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