Our Babymoon and 4th Anniversary

Robert and I love to travel. We enjoyed Ireland for our honeymoon, Paris for our 1st anniversary, I flew to America for our 2nd anniversary (awesome story in itself) for my grandparents' 70th anniversary celebration, and then South Africa for our 3rd anniversary. We had hopes of carrying on our traveling ways this summer but with me being 36 weeks pregnant when the time was right, I had already passed the airlines' fly time. That meant we needed to start looking at our in-country options for this anniversary/babymoon. I asked for three specific things on this vacation: a beach, a pool, and a bathtub. Robert set out to make this happen and let me tell you, he spoiled me rotten! 

We stayed at the Novotel in Busan right on the beach with the most beautiful view you can imagine! We had an oceanside room reserved on the 9th floor and when the man checked us in, he bumped us up to the 14th floor so we would have a better view since he found out this was a special trip. :) While our trips are usually filled with exploring, this trip was all about relaxing. We hardly even left the hotel and we were both fine with that! 

We did take an afternoon to visit the World's largest department store :) 

I loved the view! It made me homesick for Florida too... 

Enjoying a day on the beach... until later when I was as red as a lobster! :) Oh well. It was still worth it

Headed to a very special dinner at the hotel's restaurant

We got to meet some of our co-workers that live in Busan for dinner which was really fun! 

I'm not sure, but I think I still win the belly size competition. :) 

Enjoying the hotel's breakfast buffet before checking out. It wasn't quite up to the Breaker's standards but it was the same general idea:) 

What an amazing experience! This was quite a bit shorter than our usual trips but it was such a fun chance to get away and relax and focus on each other before our life changes drastically :) We are so excited for James' arrival! It has been such an amazing 4 years together so far and we are looking forward to many more... this is just a new chapter and we are eager to begin! 

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