Auntie Ro comes to town

You've seen those pictures of frazzled moms with day old cereal in their hair, non-matching socks, and dishes stacked to the ceiling... while I thought maybe this would be my lot in life, it turned out that with maternity leave and a visit from my awesome sister in law, I was rescued from this scenario... though there are days that I do find various and sundry spots on my clothing, but that's for another day entirely. When Jimmy was about a month old, his VERY EXCITED Auntie Ro came to meet him. I didn't mind the company either! I got pampered and had tons of help around the house. It was a great 3 weeks, let me tell you! Roanna found her own way from Seoul and Robert went to pick her up from the train station. James and I waited up so that he could finally meet his auntie. We were blessed that James only had about a week of colic and it just so happened that it was the week leading up to this. We still think that Roanna has some weird Mary Poppins magic because he went from wailing for 2 hours straight every night to nothing the minute she walked in the door... 

Roanna's trip just happened to fall on Chuseok, one of the biggest holidays in Korea, so Robert had a couple days off work which was great (but also a bit annoying because everything was closed). We just decided that an impromptu picnic in the park was in order and then Nearby Cafe opened up later in the afternoon and we were able to get a civilized cappuccino.  

Game Night with friends

Buying this bouncer was probably the best $40 we spent! James has gotten so much enjoyment out of it and it gave mommy a chance to take a nice shower and get the house picked up on occasion so definitely a win-win! From the minute James first sat in it, he zeroed in on the hippo and would "talk" to it nonstop! He would completely ignore the elephant. As time went on he started making friends with lion and monkey too :) 

We took Roanna to see the campus and James got to hang out with daddy at work for a little while too

One of Jimmy's very first giggles...

Dinner and Shopping in Daegu

Visiting Jong Kwan 종권 스님 at his house inside the Temple

Sean took us to a little hole in the wall restaurant one afternoon and the owner immediately took James so that we could enjoy our dinner. It was so cute and sweet! 

Nearby and Cook with Michaely

Picnic at Riverside Park

Autumn in Korea is truly a beautiful time! 

Hands Coffee 

My absolute favorite Duck restaurant

Nearby Cafe

Roanna was working on her Master's degree and I was finishing up my Capstone project for mine so a few of the days were just spent hanging out in a coffee shop (like we usually do). :) 

^^ I love this guy ^^

First few smiles 

Going to get a shot :( I think they should have one ready for the moms too because I hate watching them stick him :( 

Oh the many faces he makes...

James' Korean grandma... our favorite Calguksu 갈국수 restaurant 

교동 Recipe Cafe

One of my favorite flowers in the world...

Heading up to Seoul to take Auntie Ro to the airport

Korean Tea House in Myeongdong 명동 

What an incredible time spent together! We made a ton of memories and simply enjoyed the company! Thank you Auntie Ro for flying half way around the world to meet your new nephew and spend a little quality time with us. We love you! 

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