Our little pumpkin

Roanna headed to the airport (a little tearfully, I might add) and we stuck around Seoul for the rest of the day. We had plans to meet up with some friends for shopping and dinner but before that, Robert spoiled me with "Breakfast" in bed... aka a sugar attack and caffeine overload :) You're only young once, right? We had been so busy and never had any time a part (that's really not a bad thing) so Robert had not been able to buy my "push present" for the birth of James :) He made this morning extra special with the added bonus of a beautiful set of Swarovski rings, but said I could only have them if I finally got the name of the store correctly. Ladies and Gents, its pronounces swar-off-ski (you should of heard some of the things I came up with! He laughed at me everytime).  

Our friends, Michael and Alicia came to our hotel and then we headed out for shopping and general Myeongdong-ness. Incidentally, Michael and Robert went to elementary school together in Alabama and then how many years later, end up living about an hour away from each other in South Korea. The world is an extremely small place, people. 

This was our first (and last) trip to Seoul via the train... we were like dust bunnies picking stuff up as we went. We arrived in Seoul with a small suitcase and diaper bag and left with so much more! 

Getting back into our regular routine with James. Now we were settling into our life until Christmas. No more visitors, just us. I was still on maternity leave so I was so fortunate to get to spend every day with my little buddy. Robert has always enjoyed cooking, but the hobby reappeared after the baby was born and I was so thrilled!! Robert has a gift for making an average Thursday night meal feel like a fancy datenight. It was great! 

Ok, so funny story... when James was about a month old, I decided that it was time to have the traditional "mom haircut" and settled on an Aline bob. I usually go to a guy up in Daejeon but figured I might as well help out the local businesses. I asked a friend to go with me and help me and I even took pictures on my phone to show the lady. "Do you know how to do this cut?" yes. yes. yes. yes... 15 minutes later I was looking in the mirror and what looked nothing like the pictures.
I waited about 3 weeks and headed back to my usual guy. 
Me: "I'm so sorry, I should have come to you first." 
Him: "How long it take this haircut"
Me: "15 minutes"
Him: "Bad situation" 
And so he helped me get the cut I was originally looking for and I was so pleased. The other funny thing that happened was that I wasn't sure if I wanted my fringe back or grow it out. I asked him "What is your opinion? yes or no" Him: "My opinion? haha" Silence. 5 minutes later... "Close your eyes". And then I had bangs again just like that :) 

Little Italia after a little shopping. James with his first Zara purchase :) 

Come to work with Mommy and Daddy day :) 

It's true what they say... they grow up so quickly! 

Having a conversation with one of his aunties

We always look forward to Academic Festival and to enjoying the Culinary Arts department's massive buffet. This was one of James' first big events at school and he did pretty well :) 

His "big brother" Isaac 

Just like during pregnancy, James and I spent a whole lot of time at coffee shops just getting out of the house and enjoying the lovely Fall weather. 

Time for James' 50 Day photos (a Korean tradition) 

James snoozed while I made some pacifier clips :) 

Robert presented at a conference in the Philippines and decided to spend some time visiting his friends and family there. He was gone for nine days and I think it's safe to say those were some of the longest days of my life. Robert used to travel for work all the time when we lived in Florida but this was a total different ballgame. I had James to keep me busy and I did a lot of friends so the next lot of pictures are from our time chillin' without dad... (it's just a whole lot of Jimmy)

Getting daddy packed for his first trip away from James... 

Pumpkin Spice Scones

I wanted to have a fun Halloween party and so some friends came over and I got busy on the decorations and we had a great time together! 

Master Chef and Master Chef Baby

Girl's Night: pumpkin spice lattes and coffee panna cotta (oh, and Hugh Jackman in Wolverine) 

Church time...

Daddy's home!!! 

Family Coffee Dates resume

One of our good friends from Seoul happened to be at a conference in Daegu and stopped over to see us and have dinner together. Such a treat to see him again! 

I decided to attempt Eggs Benedict... whereas I am normally a very neat and tidy cook, this was in another category entirely! 

JaEun and I were in the same pregnancy yoga class, but we hadn't seen each other since then so we finally made a plan to get together and meet each other's babies. :) It was so much fun finally meeting little ChaeYoon! Such a cute doll baby. 

(they literally had the EXACT facial expressions in both pictures!) 

My absolute favorite way to wake up... cant get any cuter than that!?

Sleeping through Korean class...

I'm so in love with my little family

Tummy time!

Students enjoying time with James :) 

James was on the verge of laughing...

I couldn't get enough of the Autumn leaves! James and I enjoyed numerous walks while the weather was nice and it seemed like the colors just got more vibrant with each day!

We closed out the month of October well... 

It's amazing what a month will do in the life of a baby! 

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