whatever the summer brings

June was a fun month. We were wrapping up the semester and preparing for our summer vacation in Hong Kong (5th Anniversary) and South Africa visiting family and friends. We always love visiting Jong Gwon at the temple and enjoying tea in his house. James had grown so much since his last visit! It was special for him to see the monk again after so long. 

Not only are we blessed to have Lydia as a friend here in Korea (we go back to college days), the fact that she is in the army and has access to American projects is not a bad thing either :) She is the reason my child has not starved over the past few months :) And she always brings me little goodies like brownie mix too which is a sure way into my heart :) Love you Lydia! 

James was finally too big for the crib and it was time to lower it. He was a big helper to daddy... Just because he has a bed, doesn't mean he doesn't still spend the mornings in our  bed :) Love our cuddly mornings! Daddy went on a trip to the Philippines for a conference and also to see friends while he was there. James and I settled in for an awesome stay-cation with some girlfriends. 

The daycare teacher sent me pictures of James in music class. He LOVES all things music! 

Daddy's first Father's Day with his precious little boy! We had a fun day celebrating and he even got a lazy boy which marked his official "coming of age" into fatherhood :) Love you babe. You're awesome. You're the peanut butter to my jam. 

...and we're off to travel the summer away. 

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