dr. fish

Ever since moving to Korea, I have been dying to go to "Dr. Fish" and finally got to do it last weekend!! Now some of you already know what it is and some of you aren't catching on to the name "doctor~ fish"... no worries. I will explain. There are these nifty little fish that love to eat dead skin off people's feet, therefore "curing" them of dead skin, hence the name... ok, ok, you got it. Moving on. Jordan and Bethany are so good about researching cool places to try out so they were the ones that organized the whole evening. We journeyed to Gangnam and found a lovely cafe. I kind of expected a huge pool with fish swimming and that to be the main attraction in this place but actually the cafe was brimming with people (several foreigners, I might add) and at the back of the cafe there were two small pools with the fish in them. Basically you ordered your drink and told them you wanted to do dr. fish and then you went to the pools whenever you were ready. It was a very relaxing evening with lots of laughs (the fish are very ticklish!) 

Jordan and Bethany

Brian and Emily

Kyle and Jess

Us :)

Time to see the Doctors! 
The pools were small so we split into two groups: boys and girls

munch'n away! 

I told you they were ticklish. :)

After seeing the doctors, we went in search of food. We decided upon a restaurant called "School Food" and it is literally that. They take common Korean school food and amp it up a little for restaurant cuisine. It's good and its cheap. Can't get any better than that, right? 

After dinner we eyed a Kona coffee shop, which is simply unable to be ignored. Brian and Emily had to head home but the rest of us made our way to the Hawaiian goodness called Kona coffee .

It was definitely a memorable evening of fun, fish, and friends. I'm so glad we got to experience Dr. Fish and I would happily go back again! The next time you are in Korea, be sure to check it out! You won't be sorry and your feet will thank you! :) 

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