First Korean Meal

Some of you may remember shortly after arriving, my boasting of cooking a Korean meal at home. You might also remember that meal including opening a box and pouring the ingredients in the pan and mixing. If you don't remember either, just continue reading... this is the first actual Korean meal I cooked and I honestly did cook this one from scratch. It was a lot of fun and it turned out pretty tasty! 


This is the traditional Korean New Year's meal. 

Tteok (rice cake)
chives or garlic stems
salt and pepper
soy sauce 
kim (seaweed) 

Step 1: brown the meat and put the water on to boil 

Step 2: add the garlic stems and the Tteok

Step 3: after the Tteok is softened, stir in the egg which has been lightly beaten

Let the soup simmer for a few minutes and them serve with some seaweed if you would like. 
Its a very delicious soup and if you happen to come across these ingredients, give this soup a try! I think you will really enjoy it! 

맛있는 (mas-issneun)the Korean term for delicious/tasty

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