to the girls

This past weekend was a little bitter/sweet for me. Though I am so excited for all the new changes that are coming, I am sad to say goodbye to my friends and co-teachers. Yes, I will still be in country, but I will not get to see them everyday and hear them wish me good morning or laugh with them over a cup of coffee. They have been such wonderful friends, welcoming me into the teaching staff and making me feel like I belong. I love them all so much and will miss them terribly. The time around my birthday was a bit hectic last month so they threw a birthday/goodbye dinner for me on Friday night. Sally had given me a sweater and pearls and then Gloria gave me this adorable pom-pom hat and Hannah have me a lovely sweater vest.

Since I got to choose the restaurant, of course I chose my favorite, Sam-gap-sil (pork) and was not disappointed. It is always delicious. 

When it started to sink in that this was really my "goodbye" dinner, I started getting a little sentimental. I refrained from tearing up but I was definitely walking down memory lane of the past year with these ladies. I decided to share a few highlights from the year...




Seoulland Theme Park


Kid's Play Cafe

Seoul Milk Farm

Hiking Day

Presentation Day


Thank you ladies for all the laughs, memories, and good times. You truly are very special and I love each and every one of you. I wish you all the best in the upcoming year and will see you again soon on my next visit to Seoul :) 

Love you~ Hannah (thanks for all your hugs- they're my favorite:), Sally (I have laughed more with you than anyone in Korea. You are so special. I'm glad I made you go tubing down that hill with me!:), Gloria (You are always ready for a good time and I loved all the times we ate lunch together :), Jackie (I enjoyed all our chats about Classic literature. It was nice getting to know you for a few months), and Kristen (It's always nice to have a familiar face around. Glad you got to join the team :) 

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