Innovative Inventions

I asked one of my classes to come up with an invention of their own and tell me 7 things about it. I was quite humored at what a few of them came up with and I decided to share them with you...

I mack a magic pencil because it is cool. Magic pencil write english. I don't mack computer. I mack computer pencil. I mack magic robet. Magic robet is cool. I don't mack books. 

The fly shoes is very good. Because this shoes fly around. I like fly. This is very good shoes. I like this shoes. I want make shoes because this shoes is fly. This is so good or great. I like flying. I like this shoes because this shoes have wings. I like made the this shoes because it is so good. 

Magic Water is magic. Magic water's drink and change. Change's a monster. Angry birds, lion, tiger many things. And a many animals. So I'm happy.

I mack computer because computer is the play game. I don't mack book because book is the homework. I favorite mack the toy because toy is the play toy. I favorite don't mack the video because noisy. I favorite mack food the chicken because very delicious.

I make the magic TV. I talk the Naver (Korean version of google). The TV is naver home and I talk the game the TV is game home. The game is many games the mario game and sony game many many game. I like the game. 

Well obviously not all of them fully understood the idea of coming up with a new idea but I was still proud of what they came up with and their writing skills. They continue to improve and I love to see how they think! :) Hope you enjoyed this little teacher moment... I have plenty of them stored away. 

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