singing, dancing, and some drama= a fantastic evening

The time had come that we all were waiting for with equal parts anticipation and dread. It was the final night for English Friends Kindergarten. I'm just going to say right now that I really don't know how seasoned teachers do it... how do you give so much of your heart away every single year and have anything left to give to the next class? Those kids were MY kids, each one of them had a very special place in my heart. Saying goodbye to them with the realization that they will grow up and become something very special and I may never see them again just about ripped my heart out. I made it through the night strong and tearless until it came time to say my goodbyes to the children and parents. I completely lost it and the tears flowed. There were tears for teachers, parents and students alike. But all that aside, it was time to show the parents all their accomplishments and let me say, they did amazing! Their singing and dancing was adorable and their speaking was clear and concise. As their English teacher, I couldn't have been more proud! You will notice in the following pictures all the elaborate costumes... yea, that was where Kristen and I came in handy. After each song, the kids would come running into the dressing room and we would very quickly get them into the next costume. I didn't have much time for tears or reflection at that point! :) 

On the way to the event hall (Kristen had to teach class and came a little later) 

Give a boy puff sleeves and in his mind he just gained some pretty nice muscles :) 


This was during practice time...

Snack time of kim-bap...

LOVED teaching alongside these ladies through the entire year...

My very special Josephina... she was at my side every chance she got. 

Yellow and Rainbow

Red and Ocean 

All the teachers... (except Chris- he had to come late) 

Kristen~ Math, Picture Dictionary, Story
Jenny~ Conversation and Phonics
Gloria~ Art, Cooking, Kinder
Sally~ Korean English, Phonics
Violin Teacher
Co & Ko Teacher
Tae Kwon Do Teacher 

Tae Kwon Do


Co &Ko

"Wiggly Woo"~ Yellow and Rainbow

"Let's get Loud"~ Ocean and Red

"Time to Say Goodbye"~ Yellow and Rainbow

"Dream High"~ Ocean and Red

*Drama Performance* 
The children did an adaptation of the Sound of Music that was absolutely adorable! They were so amazing with their lines and songs. I was able to sit and enjoy this and was so proud of them! 

Maria and the Captain 

The children of Captain Von Trapp 

Jack the Narrator

The Guests at the party :) 


*Graduation Ceremony*

We transitioned immediately into the graduation ceremony where parents gave short speeches about their children and the students were awarded their certificates of completion and graduation diplomas. 

And thus wraps up an entire year of love, investment of time and energy, and the blessings that come from being a teacher. I wouldn't trade my time with these children for anything. They are the reasons I teach and the inspiration behind so much that I do. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to play a small role in their lives. 

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