You will remember seeing these lovely faces in previous posts... that's because they are some pretty awesome friends. It was really tough leaving them behind in Seoul so we were psyched when they made the 3 hour train ride to visit us! We would have loved to have them for longer but we packed our time together with fun and we enjoyed every bit of it. 

Our time together consisted of food, coffee, games, laughter, and simply enjoying each other's company

We had to go to bed at some point and it dawned on us (at the last minute) that we didn't have a pump for the air mattress (Robert had rigged the vacuum in Seoul to work, which we didn't bring with us). This called for some good old fashioned ingenuity which the boys were in full supply of... They used the kitchen exhaust :) 

It meant so much to us for them to come visit us and we had such a relaxing and fun-filled day and a half :) Oh, and if you are reading this Jordan and Bethany, I forgot to have you draw a picture in our guestbook... 

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