*white day*

For those of you in the Western world, you may be confused about the title of this post, that is unless you read this post... then you already are up to speed. Here in Korea we have separate holidays for the girls and boys. On Valentine's day (February 14th) the girls make chocolate for the boys and buy them gifts. The favor is then returned on White day (March 14th) when the boys shower the girls with gifts and attention. We decided to do things the Eastern way and so when White day rolled around, Robert was his typical spoiling self and treated me to a lovely day in  Daegu. It was also wonderful that the holiday fell on Wednesday which is Robert's and my day off! We slept in a little and then caught a train  bound for Daegu which was only a 40 minute ride. We arrived around lunchtime and were delighted when we came across a "Seven Springs" because we had been wanting to try it for awhile. 

The restaurant has a huge salad bar and that's a bit unusual for Korea. Most salad bars here consist of jello, fruit, some potato salads and some iceberg lettuce with salad dressing. This place, however, had genuine salad with all the trimmings. Also, hands down, the decorations were the coolest ever! There were real plants hanging upside down everywhere. The whole place had a very clean and "ikea" feel to it. 

After lunch we decided to watch a movie. Usually when we go to movies, it ends up being a high intensity action movie or sci-fi... (why does that always happen?! :) Anyways, I really  milked white day for all it was worth and Robert agreed to watch a chick flick. The Vow is playing here now (it takes a little while for movies to make it here) and we had heard so much good about it that we decided to see that one. 

Oh my word... that movie is amazing. We both loved it! One of the first movies to present a commitment message and a positive view of marriage. Such a great movie. One of the lines in the film is "we agree to disagree about red velvet cake"... that definitely should have been in our vows since we are still arguing about that to this day....Red velvet cake tastes better than just plain chocolate cake!!! I am right about this! I know I am! :) 
I think the best line in the whole movie (don't worry.. I won't ruin anything if you haven't seen it) is when a character says, "I stayed with him for all the right things he did instead of leaving him for the one thing he did wrong. I chose to forgive." That is a powerful message and it has stuck with me since. So I will just give a little movie plug here... go see the movie if you haven't yet! :)

After the movie we shopped for awhile and Robert continued to spoil me... 
When it was time for dinner, we found a delightful little Italian restaurant where we had a lovely meal. 

After dinner we headed back to the train station and had a cup of delicious Kona coffee while we waited for the train. 

All my loot :) 
The dishes have a very special story... When I was in college, I worked for a lady who had beautiful blue and white dishes that she had bought in Europe. I loved them and told Grandma Foley how much I liked them. Being grandma, she prayed that I would have dishes like that one day. Also being grandma, she literally gets everything she prays for! Fast forward about 4 years... in South Korea.. in an E Mart (most random place ever), Robert and I were shopping and on an isle display I spot the exact dishes that the lady had! Can you even believe it?! I had completely forgotten about those dishes and suddenly, God decided to answer that little prayer about a set of dishes. I think that's pretty cool.

So there you go... that's how we celebrated White day. 
I just came across a quote the other day that I loved...
"A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been raised by a queen."

Good job, Mama Black, you raised an amazing man who continues to amaze me with his love, loyalty, and leadership. As Anais Nin said, "I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.

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Jodi said...

Great post! I love those shoes... and the bag... and the dishes. :)

Good job, Robert!