House Warming

Someone once told me, "You never truly know someone until you have visited their home." I have thought about this a lot and I quite agree. Anyone can be who they want to be in public, but its inside your home that your true story is written. It is penned on every wall,  resounds in the laughter and voices of its inhabitants, and can be felt through the gentle reading of a life both lived and enjoyed. My mom always had a small picture up in our kitchen with the age old saying, "Home is where the heart is" and I have found this to be true throughout my life. My mother always did her absolute best with what she was given to make the houses we lived in feel more than just 4 walls, but to feel like home. I have never been more at home than in the cement floored concrete house in Ghana, or the house in Lesotho that had held missionaries for many years and stood ready to become our new home. One thing I will always thank my mother for, is the ability to make a living space a home, no matter the situation. It doesn't matter what name brand it is, or how expensive it is ~ its the details that count in making a house a home.

After all that rambling, what I wanted to share with you was our open house with our co-workers. We have been immensely blessed to get to work alongside such passionate and quality teachers here at Gimcheon University! Honestly, you have no idea how great these people are. From the minute we entered the gates of the campus, they have been the epitome of helpfulness, graciousness, and kindness. They sincerely welcomed us with open arms and I am so so grateful for the excellent group of professors we have the privilege to work beside everyday. 

For dinner I made my mom's homemade flour tortillas (which were a huge favorite~ mother, you would have been proud!) and chicken fajitas along with a tossed salad. Everyone found a spot on the floor in true Korean fashion and we had a lovely evening of fellowship and laughter. Everyone was so sweet and generous too! We received snacks, desserts, drinks, laundry supplies, and tissue (all typical Korean house warming gifts). Wow! We were so amazed and humbled by the kindness shown to us! We were just missing 2 professors~ Joo Young and Annice. We wish they could have joined us as well, but they had previous engagements. 

Gerald, Andrew, Austen, and Seth

David, Eric, Tyler, Jessica, and Stephanie

Charlotte (David's wife), David~ our boss, Jared, Robert, and Drew

It was a lovely night and again I will say, we are blessed to have such excellent people to work alongside each day. We thank God for the opportunities He continues to offer and the amazing people He places in our path. 

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