Manhattan to Eufaula...

Moving to Gimcheon seemed a bit like deja vu... packing everything we own, saying goodbye to loved ones, and setting out on an entirely new adventure. You may say, "Yea, but you are still in Korea, how much different can it really be?!" Well, imagine you lived in Manhattan, New York, and then moved to Eufaula, Alabama (that's a real place by the way...I looked it up.) You're still in America, but oh the vast differences... We live in the country now ( and I am loving it!). So all that being said, we had to leave some pretty amazing people being in Seoul. Lucky for us, the only thing standing being us and them is a $16, three hour train ride! With such minuscule obstructions, I set out last weekend to visit my friends and have a much needed "Girl's weekend"... yep, I left Robert behind in the good 'ole Gimcheon. Though it was a drizzly weekend and I was feeling a tad "under the weather" as well, it still proved to be an excellent couple of days with great friends.  

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again... I love traveling by train! 

As mentioned before, the train ride was about 3 hours. That got me to Seoul Station, which is still about 45 minutes from Dobong where I was heading. It all felt so normal to step off the train and know exactly where I needed to go and using the metro again. I made the subway trip and then grabbed a taxi to the school. A few people knew I was coming, but I got to surprise the rest and it was so great seeing all my old co-workers! After they got off work, our old gang went out to dinner and coffee and had an excellent time together, just like old times :) 

We had dinner at our favorite Shabu-Shabu restaurant and coffee at Yoger Presso which was my number one spot on my breaks during work :) 

Saturday started out with sleeping in and then delicious fruit smoothies made by Jordan. They were super yummy and gave us the energy boost needed for a day of shopping! Bethany and I headed out to meet Hannah in Myeongdong for the day... Anybody knows that the cure for anything is a day of shopping with friends. It's the absolute greatest. 
After finding tons of amazing deals and spending a fortune on lunch (a story within itself... always read the small print, people!) we settled into a deep and lengthy conversation over donuts and coffee at Krispy Kreme... its so very cliche but equally lovely. 

I'm so blessed to have made such amazing friends during my time in Korea so far... 

Dinner with friends!!!! I decided to grab a shot, but as you can see, it took about three to get just the right one... the others were just too good to leave out though...

Take #1

Take #2

And take #3... :) 

I boarded the train bound for home... back to my countryside, my slow-paced life, and new surroundings. Everybody told be that I would miss Seoul and hate the country life, but I have found it to be quite the contrary! Sure, I miss my friends (hence, this entire blog post), but that's all. I have everything I need right here and I don't have to push anybody out of my way to get to it! :) I love seeing a foreigner on the street and waving because there are so few of us here, it would be a crime not to make a new friend. I love hanging out with all our local friends at the Lucky Penny. I love heading out on a 4-5 mile walk simply exploring the town. And I love the new chapters we are writing in this book we call life... Each experience, each person we come in contact with, and each emotion plays a part in weaving together our story. God's fingerprints are on every part of our lives, and we are so blessed. 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you 
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..." 
Jeremiah 29:11


Bethany said...

the pics are great!

We had a wonderful time with you here, even if i was a bump on a log. :-)

ps this is jordan

Elizabeth said...

I'm currently enjoying country life, as well. Definitely a change from ol' Hobe Sound, but I love it! Enjoyed your post!