not "goodbye"... but rather, "see you soon"

There is just no way I can make a list of all the special people we met during our year in Seoul. Each person had a particular place in our hearts and we are better for having known them. That being said, it made it all the harder to say goodbye when it came time to leave. It seems foolish now but I guess I wasn't expecting to get so close to people this year, but I did. My only consolation in my goodbyes is that I am still living in Korea, thereby still able to see them on an occasional basis! The following are just a FEW people that blessed our lives this past year...

EF 3-2~ Eric, Sophia, Steven, Rob, and Kevin

EF-2-2~ Edward, James, Bernard, Savina, and Mary

PMA~ David, Laney, Alice, and Jenny

I left the classroom quickly to get something from the office and when I returned they were lined up at the board ready to do something. I grabbed my phone and caught this little video :) They were so cute! 

"I LVOE YOU" :) 

One of the student's mother was so kind and gave the teachers a generous giftcard to Outback so we set out on a Girls' Day out to enjoy the gift :) Honestly, I have never seen so much food! We were spoiled rotten! :) We had fruit drinks, soup, salad, steak, chicken, ribs, vegetables, AND coffee!! 

Then it was time to say "see ya later..." Not my favorite part of the day to be sure. 


Matthew                                                       Rachel

On the last day of kindy I just took my camera and the kids had fun taking snapshots :)

We had about 3 "goodbye" coffee dates with Jordan and Bethany... :) We would go out and say "ok, this is our last coffee date"... and then the next day... and then the next day... Glad we got to cram in a few more memories before we left.

So there you have it... the ending chapter to our time in Seoul. It was a great year spent with some amazing people. We have wonderful memories and are excited to make more here in Gimcheon! Stay tuned for all the transition stuff (moving, new home, new job, etc) because its all coming soon! 

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