Little Angels

I don't own any of these pictures. I actually took them from a friend's wall on FB. The kids are a little bigger now but I just haven't had a chance to get pictures of them. They are so special and adorable. I love my weekly hour spent with them! I love to see their smiles, hear their giggles, and I don't even mind their slobber so much :) Last week I got bit which didn't feel so good but the look on the kids face was hysterical! Each one has a unique personality and I love to see how they respond to things. I made fishy lips on my first visit to one of the kids and since then he always finds me and purses his lips telling me to do fishy lips :) Everytime I am there I am amazed at how much they just need love. They need someone to hold them, to laugh with them, to wipe away their tears. I'm glad I get to be that for them at least once a week. Though it's not much, it brings me a lot of joy to visit them. I'm still working on learning their names! :) There are several new babies (1-3 months old) that have joined the orphanage since these pictures were taken too... 

Waiting for Bath time :) 

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