a month of birthdays

It was so much fun to be "home" for our birthdays again. When I got up, my dad had a mini box of cereal ready for me (an old family tradition) and then I went to work and shopping with my mom. The guys met us for lunch and I was able to give my mom her birth-day flowers (another little tradition I started doing a few years back).

Robert and I left after lunch to head to Orlando for a relaxing birthday getaway for a few days. We rented a great time share in a golf resort and enjoyed lazing around at the pool. We had originally planned to spend a day at Animal Kingdom (the only Disney park we have yet to visit), but the idea of spending the day by the pool won out. This was a choice I later regretted when the extremely painful sunburn kicked in...what can I say, I no longer have Florida skin apparently... I couldn't take the heat like I used to. 

We got to meet my friend Hannah for dinner at Brio and it was so great seeing her again!! We have so many awesome Korea memories and it just hasn't been the same without her. 

We met up again with Hannah and a few of her siblings for some amazing barbeque at 4Rivers. We had a relaxing evening afterwards hanging out around a fire in the backyard too. It was fun to finally meet a few of the siblings that I had heard so much about. 

JP, Jolie, and Eva came up to spend that last night/day with us and we got to experience the "free Disney" which JP was very familiar with. :) We went on a bus, ferry, train, and saw a few of the different resorts and just had a fun time together. 

On our way out of Orlando, our plan was to stop by the outlets for a little shopping and then head down the road to get home for a birthday party for Robert, me, and Tyler. As plans often go, that's not exactly what happened... We shopped for awhile and then our car refused to start. We had been having a little trouble with it throughout the week but this time it wasn't going anywhere. It finally started and we headed to the interstate. As we were sitting at the light to get on the interstate, the car died and we were completely stuck. We called for a tow truck and JP and Jolie (who were just up the road a bit from us) came back to pick me up and we headed to another outlet while Robert waited for the tow truck. By now we had already missed the birthday party :( We got everything sorted out and arrived home at about 10pm... happy to not be sitting beside the road. 

The following day (Saturday) we had our joint birthday party planned. The original plan was to have a grill out at our favorite park in town. Again, as plans go, it was a rainy day so we changed locations and had it at home. 

Having fun shopping in an American grocery store again :) 

A full-blown American style grill out... it was amazing 

Thanks to everyone who came and made our birthdays so special! 

Hannah drove done to Hobe Sound and stayed the night which was a ton of fun. It was great to finally see where the other one was from after having the experience abroad together and growing close in that context. I loved introducing her to all my friend who I had talked about and showing her places that were special to me :)  

On Robert's actual birthday we had a fun time taking pictures with our friend Erica and we finally shared the news about BB with our friends and family on facebook. :) 

Out to eat at Jetty's (a favorite local seafood spot) for Robert's birthday 

The next night we got to go to Guanabannas (another local seaside spot) with the Blacks to celebrate both our birthdays... what did I tell you? It truly was a month of birthdays... we just kept celebrating! 

We ended the night at Kilwins. :) 

What a fun experience to celebrate our birthdays with friends and family again and 
spend the time at home. 

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