BB's First Baby Shower

Sometimes in life, you are blessed beyond words to have friends who are there for you no matter what-in the tough times and in the joyous times. I have had many such friends throughout my life, but there is a particular group that made this last year an incredible journey. 

Let me rewind a couple years... moving to Korea meant leaving a huge group of tight-knit friends and going to a place I had no clue about where I also didn't know a soul. While I made some amazing friends in that first year that I still am in contact with, at times it was the loneliness time of my life. So you can imagine my hesitation when it came time to move to Gimcheon, I didn't want to leave the good friends I had made in Seoul. It felt like I was starting all over again and I was dreading the loneliness that I knew was inevitable. 

We moved to Gimcheon on February 25th and not even a week later, Robert and I met Laura in the Gumi Immigration office. Later that week she invited me to dinner with some girls and I met Tanya and Laura. Not long after that I met Vince and Nina and the list continued... It felt so wonderful to have a group of friends that I could call up at any time and either just chat or go hang out. These friends were what made last year an awesome experience. There were so many memories made by this group and this amazing year culminated into what has become one of my favorite memories of all time... 

Everyone was scheduled to leave in about a week since their contracts were up and so it meant a lot of goodbyes were approaching. I had noticed that all my friends were extra busy every time I would text or call them but just assumed they were all packing and getting moved out of their apartments, so I didn't think too much into it. That week I had done a bunch of laundry and the throw pillow cases were off drying. Robert had nonchalantly asked me when I was putting them back on and I thought that was weird, but again, didn't read too much into it. Little did I know a party was in the works. On Thursday, I had kind of a bum day, not feeling the greatest but I had plans to meet someone that evening and Robert encouraged me to go ahead and go since I would probably feel better after I got out of the house. I agreed and left.... 

When I walked in the door an hour later, the house had been transformed, there was a circle of people sitting in my living room and suddenly everyone yelled, "Surprise!" I was so shocked!! They got me so good! I did not suspect a thing and they had been planning this for weeks. I can't begin to say how special this night made me feel. I am truly blessed with amazing friends! 

Sweet little messages for BB 

We had done the needle test with family when I was just 6 weeks along and it had said boy, so we decided to test it again to see if it was the same. It still said boy :) 

A very excited mommy and daddy duo 

The party throwers were... 

Lynn, Nina, and Vince 

Clodagh and Dara 

Tanya, Laura, and Robert

BB is already really loved... 

While this might have been one of the earliest baby showers ever, it was also one of the most special as well and it was done with a whole lot of love from amazing friends! 
We can't wait to meet you BB! 

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