goodbyes and a couple quick hellos...

This year at Gimcheon University we doubled the number of International Professors and what a great group we have! It has been great getting to know and working along side these professors this semester. We divided into two shifts: Monday-Tuesday team and Tuesday Wednesday team, so I don't get to see all of the them very often but I am really enjoying the new team! 

Gimcheon University 2013

After meeting so many new faces, it came time to say goodbye to those that made my first year in Gimcheon amazing! 

Remember when I said Lynn was staying around for awhile? Well, despite being super busy, we did manage to get to spend some quality time together during her week with us. It was awesome being able to spend her last few days in Korea together. 

Lynn and I went up to Seoul a little early and then Robert came up after his class because not only were we saying goodbye to Lynn, but Jonathan and Jennifer Freeman were in Seoul on a layover and so we had the opportunity to see them for a couple hours! It was such a fun afternoon :) 

So good to see our friends again! 

After saying goodbye to the Freemans, we spend a few hours just hanging out together and then we took Lynn to the express train. There were tears and a lot of hugs... I miss her tons already. I'm so happy that she gets to be home in Cape Town with her family and friends and look forward to seeing her again someday soon! :) I now have several reasons to visit South Africa (besides my own brother and sister in law, of course) :) 

Once the weather started getting a little better, we took advantage of a free Saturday (hadn't seen one of those in awhile thanks to our procrastination on masters courses) and visited a famous Buddhist temple about an hour away. The art and architecture is always so astounding and beautiful! 

We're staying busy with the new semester and enjoying this new season of life called pregnancy :) It's been a really fun experience so far, but more on that later :) It's been nice not cramming for courses every night too! We have officially finished all the coursework and will be enrolling in our final Capstone project soon. This mama is very ready to be finished! :) 

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