february, friends, and fun

When we arrived to Incheon, we just barely missed the last bus headed home as well as all the trains headed into Seoul so we had to get a hotel near the airport. There was no complaining coming out of this girl! :) We had the sweetest taxi driver that was so concerned for me and made sure I was comfortable and cared for :) We had a good night's sleep .  I woke up at a crazy hour and stared at the wall for a couple of hours until I finally got my computer and watched too many episodes of Psych... stupid jet lag. 

The next day we headed to Seoul station, ate at our beloved Paris Croissant (why oh why can't Gimcheon have one!?) and then boarded our train home. 

We were happy to be home, but not when it started snowing... 

Lynn had a few things left on her to do list before leaving Korea and so we headed off to Daegu one day for lunch at Italy Italy where we got to design our own pasta and pizza. 

Another one was to eat as much Korean food as possible before she left... lucky for us, the local kimbap shop is just around the corner from my house! More kimchi jigae and mandu please! 

I FINALLY got to meet little Eunchan Isaac Lee! He was born the day after we left Korea so I had only seen pictures of him. He was as cute, if not cuter, in person and is just the sweetest thing you have ever met! 

^^Valentine's Day^^

Again, like last year, we decided to "go native" and celebrate Valentine's day and White day separately. Basically Valentine's day was all about Robert and then I get White day all to myself :) I decided on a fancy meal at home... 



Crockpot Cheesecake :)  

This was our 8th Valentine's Day together :) 

We don't get too many visitors on our side of the world so it is always super exciting when someone is either making a special trip or just stopping by on their way somewhere else. Jason and Tammy Dodson live and work in China and were in Singapore for a conference and stopped by Korea for a few days to visit us. We had so much fun getting to know them and their two daughters! 

Finally visiting Namsan Tower! 

It was SOOO cold!!! 

Robert was getting a lot of practice with playtime and storytelling :) 

After having a blast with visitors, then came the not so fun part: saying goodbye to the bestest of friends from this last year in Gimcheon. The fabulous five was going down to just two of us... Nina and me. We had a great last week together and enjoyed making a few last minute memories before, one by one, they flew home... 

First was Laura 

Then Tanya 

Lucky for me, Lynn at least stayed an extra week so I didn't have to lose everyone at once! And she bunked at our house so we got to make a whole set of fun memories :) 

Enjoying the first "Springy" day! 

And that's us... getting back into our lives after such a long time away. 

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