Easter Weekend 2013

With Easter approaching, I was getting a little homesick and wasn't sure that we would really get to do anything special for the holiday. Prior to the weekend, we did do a few fun things with friends which always helps to get rid of some of the loneliness felt around a special holiday... 

It just so happens that our 24hr McDonalds is next door to the movie theatre, so a few of us profs enjoyed a night at the theatre and then some junk food to close out the night :) 

Spring finally started showing its colors... 

On Friday night we had a dinner with the GU professors that live in Gimcheon (a few couldn't make it) and it was another fun evening of fajitas, homemade pizza, delicious fruit, and homemade desserts. It's a fun group and a lot of laughs were had. 

At the end of the night someone asked what the date was, to which I firmly gave the answer. Someone else said no it was indeed a day later than that. I started getting worried because I had already purchased tickets for the next morning to head to Seoul... Sure enough. When I looked, I had bought the wrong ticket for Saturday morning AND the wrong returning tickets for Sunday night :( So, the next morning I headed to the station early to try to get a new ticket. The train was completely sold out of seats so not only did I lose the money on the first ticket, but I also had to buy a standing ticket for a 3 hour ride :( Luckily, there was a seat available in the food car and so I was able to sit for the whole ride. I can't imagine what I would have done if I hadn't found a seat :( I met up with my friend Candace and one of her friends from church. We headed to Itewon for lunch at Outback and then Candace and I headed to Dongdaemun in search of wonderful fabrics and sewing goodness. I found some adorable material for the nursery and am so excited to get started on my sewing projects! :)

After shopping with Candace, I headed over to Dobong (my old stomping grounds) to see Hannah and Jolie. It was so much fun seeing them and getting to catch up on life in the last few months. 

Sally picked me up and we headed to her house. She was gracious enough to allow me to stay with her for the night. This was such an amazing experience because it was my first time to stay in a completely Korean home. Her family is currently living with her parents. The grandparents were so sweet to give me their room! I insisted that I could sleep on the floor but they said that because of the baby I needed to have the room :) Sally's husband made a delicious dinner of spaghetti (which they piled on my plate so high I don't think a grown man could have finished it) and then we just hung out for the remainder of the evening. I loved not only seeing Sally, but her two daughters Joyce and Annie too! :) I used to teach them at the English Academy. 

In the morning I was served a complete Korean breakfast of rice, soup, fried sweet potatoes, fish, and some leftover salad. It was fantastic! I absolutely loved the whole time spent with Sally and her family. 


They dropped me off on their way to church and I met up with Robert who took a morning train to Seoul. We had decided to come up and spend Easter Sunday at Yumkwang church. As always, it was wonderful seeing and catching up with all our old friends! After church there was a big Easter dinner that was amazing and again I was told to eat A LOT! :) I really think that I could easily gain 50 pounds if I ate as much as Koreans tell me to! :) 

^^Happy Easter 2013 from the Black Family^^ 

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