English Department MT

Perhaps the term "MT" sounds familiar to those who have been with me for the long haul... It was fun then and it was fun again this year. There were a few changes this year. A. The students were divided into four main "houses" rather than small team and so Robert and I were on the same team this year. B. I was more of a cheerleader this year since I couldn't really do a lot of running or jumping :) I still had a blast. The style was much the same as before but this group of kids is a crazy bunch and so there was a ton of laughs and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Maple House

Pine House

Elm House

Oak House

This was the group of professors that came out to MT this year. What a great bunch of profs! 

This year I got to accompany the students in the morning to visit a movie set sight where we just walked around to enjoy the weather and have lunch before heading to our actual MT location. 

Quite the packaged lunch, huh? :) 

As soon as the students were settled in their rooms, the games began and we played Mini-Olympics for the rest of the afternoon. 

Dance off the Sticky notes.... It was a gem to watch! 

Dragon Tail 

Mentos and Cola

After all the games everyone was very ready for dinner. We got to eat a Korean meal that has quite an interesting story. It's called 부대찌개 (Budae Jjigae). After the Korean war, food became sparse and Koreans used surplus food from the US Army such as hotdogs or spam to add to their traditional soups. This became a common dish and still is today. 

After dinner was the much anticipated Talent Show where there was singing, acting, dancing, and a whole lot of laughs! 

Robert sang a popular pop song that the kids all knew and then surprised them with a 
Korean song too :) They all really loved it. 

It was such a fun experience getting to know the kids on a deeper and closer level than just in the classroom. I always love MT and this year was no exception. I'm so glad that I got to attend this year's English Department MT. 

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