a friend visits korea

Living in Asia can be a bit lonely because we don't often get visitors on this side of the world. Imagine my excitement when my friend Laura told me that she would be doing her teaching practicum in China and that she had a Spring break! We got the details worked out and she was able to come spend a few days with us in Korea. The time was short but we tried to pack in as much fun as we could. We ate a lot of Korean food, visited coffee shops, visited Jikjisa Temple, went to a cat cafe, and did Dr. Fish :) 

We enjoyed one of our first gorgeous Spring days! Laura came at the perfect time! 

It is good luck at Korean temples to stack rocks. If you stack a rock on someone else's rock, it allows their prayer to be answered. 

Laura was brave enough to drink from the communal watering hole :) 

Not only was the weather perfect, but Laura was able to come just at the right time for the cherry blossoms. They were in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous! 

On our way back up to Seoul... 

Say what you want, but a couple hours spent sipping lattes and playing with cats is a perfect afternoon in my book. We had a blast! 

Introducing Laura to the wonders of Honey Bread :) 

Dr. Fish!! We were the only people in the place but the lady still told us we had to be quiet... which is extremely difficult when you have a bunch of little fish gnawing at your feet! :) 

It was such a delight having Laura here! We have known each other for many years but it has been within the last year or so that our friendship has really began to blossom. I loved having her in our home and spending time together. Thank you so much for making the trip over to be with us, Laura!

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