A few days of Spring

While it was short, we did have a little Spring and we took advantage of it. Our friends Hyunuk and Jeongbong own the Lucky Penny here in town (its an American-style bar and restaurant). They lived in Japan for 9 years and San Francisco for 9 years so they are completely familiar with being a foreigner in another land. They called us up one night and told us that they wanted to give us a Baby shower because they knew how lonely this time could be (they had their second child in America). They're right. It can be extremely lonely, but knowing we have friends like them make it just a little less so. They invited a few of our friends and put together an amazing Sunday lunch of some of the best homemade lasagna I have ever had, grilled meat, salads, fruit, cheesecake and coffee. It was such a fun day hanging out with everyone, playing the Wii, and being together. BB is spoiled already! :) 

All BB's stuff :) 

With the weather so good, we couldn't pass up the chance to walk to the park for a picnic! This is our favorite picnic spot in town and with good reason. It's so peaceful and gorgeous. 

I love living in Gimcheon... 

I am currently addicted to fruit smoothies... 

Robert is a master chef and I always love his cooking, but I always get a kick out of the state of the kitchen after he is done! :) He can cook, but he sure makes a mess! 

My mentoring girls and I headed out for another picnic on the weekend but the wind was so bad that day we ended up walking back to a coffee shop and enjoying the rest of the time over cookie shakes and americanos. 

Catching one of the last taxis for awhile... (stay tuned to meet Perry) :) 

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