GU School Festival 2013

This year's school festival was so much fun!  The kids did an awesome job on their tent and seemed to really have a great time. Even though I spent a lot of time at the English department tent, one of my favorite parts of festival was walking around to see all my General English class students with their own departments. They get so excited to see you and sucker you into buying food from their tent :) It's a ton of fun. There are so many kinds of food being sold, department chanting, and loud upbeat music playing from each tent. If my child likes techno music straight out of the womb, I blame Korea entirely... 

The President always tours the department tents and gives each one some encouragement and a little money to help on their expenses. Our kids had a special little song prepared and everything :) 

The students practice for weeks on their department cheers. It's a pretty amazing thing to watch and listen to! They are so organized about it :) 

My favorite little guy showed up to festival too! :) 

Enjoying some relaxed time with the other professors. 

Robert participated in a relay representing the English department :) 

I loved seeing the student body gathered for the closing ceremony. It was pretty cool to see. 

Robert with one of my students from last year :) 

English department DJ :) 

In the midst of the excitement of festival, we purchased our little Kia Morning named "Perry". It makes such a huge difference to have a car now. I haven't ridden in a taxi for weeks now! It's amazing! :) 

James' first School Festival :) 

We decided to set a record right off the bat of how many we could fit in Perry... 6 people! :)  

English department on the last night of Festival

It was such a great School Festival! I enjoyed the week so much and look forward to next year! :) 

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