early April days

Although winter was holding on with a fierce grip this year, we did manage to have some beautiful days in April. The cherry blossoms were gorgeous as always and we tried to get out to see them as many times as possible. They have a rather short window before they disappear. 

This is a rather peculiar dish that is weirdly delicious... It's a "Salad Pizza" that is just that: a salad that has a sometime sweet dressing over a thin crusted pizza. The whole time you eat it you keep thinking, this is kind of weird... and then you reach for the next piece. 

My mentoring girls wanted to learn how to cook "American" food so I invited them over and showed them how to make a tomato based pasta and alfredo pasta. I also did fresh garlic bread and salad. 
^^It was a fun evening. ^^ 

I spend so much time in coffee shops doing homework, that sometimes I forget to just enjoy a coffee shop now and again. One of my favorite things to do is to spend an afternoon sipping a cappuccino and either writing letters or reading a book. 

Probably one of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon and evening is to head over to Daegu for some shopping and dinner. We decided it had been long enough since we went (after all, the owner at our favorite restaurant didn't even know I was pregnant!) and headed over to spend a fun filled day together. We did some substantial shopping, sipped coffee on the veranda of a coffee shop, and then enjoyed a delicious meal at Little Italia.... 

Some of my students enjoying a "Market day" activity with another class. 

We stopped by one of our English department student's work place and tried out the food :) 

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little boy in a few months! I'm getting exciting about making the baby room soon! :) 

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