exploration begins...

As I mentioned in the previous post, we became proud owners of a little blue set of wheels named Perry. Up until this purchase, Korea was never really viewed as a beautiful or exciting place to either Robert or me. However, now that we have easily accessed transportation, Korea has blossomed in our eyes. Suddenly we are seeing streets and back roads, mountain passes and quaint neighborhoods that were otherwise invisible to us before. It has been an exciting several weeks as we have embarked on weekend drives to simply explore the areas around us. Whether that means we are visiting a nearby city for dinner or exploring a backwoods road that takes us to new areas of town, we are having a blast! 

We decided to stay pretty close to home on Buddha's birthday because that is a huge traveling holiday here. We decided to go spend the day in Gumi. We had a lovely lunch at Terrace 5, walked around an open market taking pictures and talking to adorable old people, watch Great Gatsby, and then headed home after some window shopping. It was a fabulous day! 

If you haven't noticed, there is a substantial increase in pictures... that's because we finally replaced our Canon elf! Robert has been having so much fun snapping pictures of Korea and finding the things that others view as old and outdated but that we find to be the beautiful side of Korea~ the old and traditional. It still exists but you have to look hard and long to find it. This is the viewpoint from our rooftop. The days have been extremely hot but the nights are absolutely gorgeous so we have enjoyed sitting up there in the evenings this past week. 

Saturday called for a stroll around our own little neighborhood. This brought us to an adorable little cactus store that had the most amazing cacti! Some were shaped like roses, lotus, and many more. It was fascinating! 

Gimcheon is covered in red roses and hydrangeas! It is absolutely gorgeous! 

We decided to christen a newly opened coffee shop in town with our friends, the Moonesars :) 

Perry took us to Daegu to celebrate our first Parent's day :) Here in Korea, Mother's day and Father's day are combined into one day. We had a great American meal at TGI Fridays and then gelato from Davinci's Coffee. We bought a few things but realized when we got home that our bags never made it home... that's always a bummer. 

Trying to get used to this new phase in life: very short energy spurts! :) 
It really cuts into a girl's shopping experience! :) 

As always, we are doing our best to have an absolute blast. Our life is about to change a great deal and we couldn't be happier about that fact. These next few months are going to be full of fun and new adventures! We're simply going to have a little guy to share them with from now on! :) 

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